27 December 2018


by Jacob Schepis 0

I’m often asked how I manage to coach such a high volume of clients, run a business, create content and wear the many hats a coach must assume when endeavouring to make it as a self employed fit-prenuer. So I thought I’d share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learnt in my years in…

I’m often asked how I manage to coach such a high volume of clients, run a business, create content and wear the many hats a coach must assume when endeavouring to make it as a self employed fit-prenuer. So I thought I’d share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learnt in my years in the trenches…


Immediately upon waking, I dig into an article, book or research paper and spend 15-20 minutes learning something new. It’s a habit that has not only helped me stay up to date with the latest happenings in the diet and training world, but keeps me sharp and allows me to build on my knowledge in an incremental and structured manner, as opposed to chunking it into multiple hours in a single day.

Here are 5 of my go-to resources for learning and education:


The importance of systems in my practice cannot be understated. The first point of call for streamlining your business and coaching service to allow for a seamless client experience is to create templates, for everything!

I’m not saying to hand out generic programs, or cut and paste emails, but instead, have a data base of documents and templates that can be adapted and customized for each client. By having an array of pre-designed templates, you can save a bunch of time in programming, updating and transitioning new clients to your coaching roster.

Here are FREE downloads of my templates:

Using these templates on googlesheets has been a game changer. It’s allowed me to access and update client programs/diets in real time, and theres no mess or clip boards needed!


In the 21st century, the art of communication has expanded to more than face-to-face interaction, but transitioned to an online, digital medium. We text, email, message on social media and all too often we forget how to communicate verbally. A critical skill as a coach, even when working online.

One of my pet peeve’s is writing emails. I’m sure all coaches can relate. Not only does the time involved in writing an email increase with a full client roster, but often the message gets diluted and the personal element lost. After all, coaching is a personal experience, and if you’re not so good with conveying a message in text, and want to practice and hone in your verbal communication skills outside of the gym floor, use audio messages.

Download the voice recorder app on your smart phone and give your clients a personal touch when responding to emails, updates or giving advice!


If you’re an old school coach, you probably write down with pen and pad a list of things to do each week and each day. However, these to-do-lists often get tossed in the trash, ruined by coffee stains or end up in the bottom of your gym bag or worse, lost.

Technology is amazing, and apps such as Wunderlist are a great way to organise your work, set due dates, reminders and keep your to-do-list structured and systematic.


It’s easy to get distracted. Efficiency is key if you’re an in-demand coach, and productivity is at the forefront of my priorities when I sit down to get sh** done. From mindlessly scrolling through social media, listening to music or trying to keep my kids from killing each other, it’s tough staying focused and in the zone.

Using the app Noisli has helped me keep my mind clear, and block out any distractions to ensure that my attention is directed to the task at hand.


Successful people have a knack of utilising their time wisely. Not one minute of the day is wasted and their productivity stems from their ability to make every moment one that moves them forward in some way, shape or form. Most of us spend hours each week in the car, and sure it’s a time for catching up on news, to listen to mind numbing talk shows or possibly to relax (provided you’re not filled with road rage), but it’s also a great opportunity to learn.

My day consists of ~1 hour in the car to and from my studios, and like you, I don’t have time to waste. Listening to podcasts and audio books is a great way to make sure you are improving your education, even whilst on the road.

Here are some of my favourite podcasts:


I’m no graphic expert, and neither are many personal trainers. Not to mention, the cost of hiring a graphic designer or digital marketing team is expensive and often an investment that a business can make only once established and filthy rich.

Fortunately, basic software such as Canva has helped me put together graphics and design work for social media that looks somewhat impressive. It’s a really simple, easy to use and cool software that will help you convey your content in a more professional and aesthetic manner.

Here’s some of the informative content I’ve created using canva:


social media is our biggest asset as coaches, but also our biggest enemy. It’s a great way to connect, communicate a message and share your business mission and client results. But it can also take a hell of a lot of time away from actually doing the job, coaching.

I use schedugram to schedule my posts each week, so that way, once the content is written and imagery nice and pretty, I no longer need to dawdle on social media and waste time.

I hope these ‘hacks’ were useful and you took something away from them. Feel free to comment below with anything you’ve found useful in your practice

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