For the past decade we have built our business on three simple words. Join, Perform, Succeed.

We are dedicated to helping our clients, members and community in achieving their health and fitness related goals. In our practice we strive to raise the standard, through providing a platform that facilitates and fosters education and development for any individual looking to better themselves and succeed.

Our Coaches get results through…

    • Identifying your goals, needs, lifestyle and injury status,
    • Applying the latest research and evidence of training and nutrition,
    • Working closely with you to achieve your goals.

No matter who you are, or what your goal; if you are willing to work hard, and want to change, our coaches can help.

Our Coaches conduct hundreds of Personal Training sessions each week in-person at our Airport West facility, and work online with hundreds of individuals (worldwide), both through coaching and education services.

Whether you want to get lean, build muscle, improve your strength and fitness, or simply feel better in your skin, our Coaches will successfully guide you through the process. Every day, we help individuals like you achieve their goals through evidence-based resistance training and nutritional practices.

Our Airport West facility is one of Melbourne’s best-equipped private facilities, and is decked out with a variety of free weights and machines from both Life Fitness ‘Hammer Strength Series’ & Iron Edge.

For strength and powerlifting athletes looking for competition specific equipment, we have you covered. With an Eleiko combo rack, competition bar, platforms and calibrated plates. We have shower facilities, and a kitchenette area to cover all of your basic requirements.

Upstairs we have treadmills, and stationary bikes and ample space for warming up. This mezzanine level doubles as our education space, where we host a number of seminars, workshops and classes each month.

There is parking at both rear and the front of the facility, and if those parks are full there is plenty of on street parking.

We are also fortunate enough to have allied health practitioners operating from our facility. With CB Physiotherapy and Elia Chiropractic on site, all of your needs are covered.

Come check out our little slice of paradise located at 77C Matthews Ave, Airport West, VIC 3042.

JPS are Melbourne’s Elite Strength & Conditioning Coaches.

We apply the science and evidence of exercise, physiology and nutrition to our clients training and diet to help them achieve their goals.