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How To Manage Hip Pain During Squats

4 Tips to Pain Free Squats Have you ever felt like your hip bone was rubbing against your femur during a squat? It’s particularly uncomfortable, somewhat excruciating and very frustrating. I was unfortunate enough to experience this discomfort for the first time last year, almost 4 years into my lif...


Muscle Physiology – Part 1

Recently, Jacob Schepis, Brian Minor & myself presented a nearly 4 hour-long webinar on some things hypertrophy. I’d love to say all things, but I know that I had to cull massive amounts of information from my slides, and I’m sure the boys were the same. All of us went over time by a good 20 or...


Is obesity a choice?

In my time as a fitness professional, I’ve found that certain central, almost philosophical questions arise perennially, always to some controversy. Among these is the question of whether or not obesity (or, perhaps better phrased, being obese) is a choice. Unfortunately, for reasons I can only gues...


Are You Overtrained, or Just Lazy?

Two Questions to Ask Yourself There are many reasons one might feel drawn to not go to the gym, and the challenge lies in distinguishing between those which are good, and those which are bad. To do so effectively, it can be tremendously helpful to make an effort to draw a line between genuine overtr...


Supplement in the Spotlight: L-Tyrosine

Tired of being tired? Focused on being focused? Unhappy with being unhappy? In the first installment of this new series intended to put the spotlight on underappreciated supplements, I feature the supplement for you: L-tyrosine. What It Is L-Tyrosine (which I’ll refer to throughout the remainder of...


4 Ways To Save Time In The Gym

If you are someone who has minimal time to workout, or perhaps a change in life circumstances simply means you can no longer dedicate hours on end to your training, fear not. These four tips will allow you to get in and out of the gym and still provide for an effective and beneficial training sessio...