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Presented by various specified lecturers *M refers to Module Number

M1: Elite Coaching
Presented by Jacob Schepis

In this module, you will learn the mindset, principles, theories and philosophies of JPS and many other successful coaches. This module is designed to teach you how to become an evidence based practitioner, you think’s long term, critically appraises their actions and practice and how to continually increase the value you offer your clients to foster growth and progression within your coaching career.

M2: Understanding The Client – Psychology Basics
Presented by Jacob Schepis

In this module, you will learn important principles and theories related to psychology and how to better understand your clients values, beliefs, attitudes, motivation and behaviours. You will also learn how to modify your clients habits to ensure you are able to help them reach their goals.

M3: Consultations
Presented by Jacob Schepis

In this module, you will learn what it takes to make a positive first impression and develop a strong rapport with new clients from the get go. You will also learn how to swiftly identify client issues and devise strategies to bolster your client list as well as how to acquire and transition clients onto your roster and retain them long term.

M4: Screening
Presented by Jacob Schepis & Chris Bryceson

In this module you will learn the fundamentals of anatomy and how to screen your clients physical movement potential to devise safe and effective programs. You will also learn the basics of prehab and rehab as well as injury prevention/management strategies. Also included in this module is practical demonstration videos of various screening tools and mobility/stability drills.

M5: Physiology
Presented by Lyndon Purcell, Martin Refalo & James Krieger

In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of physiology for body composition & strength to best apply the principles & most up-to-date science & research in a practical manner. You will learn the science of food addiction, how to assess your clients body composition, how to minimize their weight regain after a dieting phase, the role of hormones in fat loss & hypertrophy & the adaptations that occur when dieting for weight loss.

M6: Nutrition for Fat Loss & Muscle Growth
Presented by Danny Lennon & Jacob Schepis

In this module, you will learn the key concepts related to nutrition for fat loss, muscle growth, performance & health. You will learn how to maximize dietary adherence & how to set up, execute & adjust clients diet plans to accelerate their results & minimize plateaus. Included are; Presentations on how to implement a flexible diet, plan various phases of dieting for your clients long term & strategies to maximize results within a given dieting phase.

M7: Training Principles & Program Design
Presented by Brian Minor & Lyndon Purcell

In this module, you will learn the principles of exercise science along with the theories and application of periodization to maximize strength and muscle gain. This module will also teach you how to design and program for your clients individual goals and needs to effectively improve their training in the gym and ensure they make consistent, long term progress.

M8: Teaching Movement
Presented by: Jacob Schepis & Aaron Brown

In this module, you will learn the key concepts of movement and biomechanics as they relate to strength training. This module includes practical demonstration videos of key exercises, how to coach and teach the big lifts and accessory movements along with progression/regression models for various movement patterns to ensure your clients lift safely and effectively for their goals.

M9: Getting Results
Presented by Jacob Schepis

In this module, you will learn how to get consistent, world class results for your clients. You will gain an insight into what it takes to influence change and ensure your clients reflect your hard work so that they become a walking, talking advertisement for your brand!

M10: Industry Success
Presented by Lyndon Purcell

In this module, you will learn what it takes to not just coach, but how to become an industry leader. You will learn the key characteristics, attributes and qualities of a true fitness professional who not just talks the talk, but walks the walk and demands recognition.

M11: Business Management
Presented by Samuel Schepis

In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of business. You will also learn how to establish and structure your fitness business, basics of financing and accounting, economics theories and principles and how to operate your business to provide an elite level service that consistently performs above and beyond your expectations.

M12: Critical Thinking & Learning
Presented by: Brian Minor

In this module, you will learn what it takes to become a genuine critical thinker, and learner to boost your potential to cultivate a long and prosperous coaching career.


Sample of Module 6 – Diet Set Up

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