We have been educating our clients, other coaches and fitness enthusiasts for some time now and over the years we have refined and compiled this information into a variety of Online Courses covering a range of topics relating to training and nutrition.

Online Mentorship

This is our most comprehensive online course for those looking to get ahead in the fitness industry. Our presenters and contributors to this course include, James Krieger (Weightology), Danny Lennon (Sigma Nutrition), Jake Linardon (Break Binge Eating), Chris Bryceson (CB Physiotherapy), Brian Minor (BD Minor Coaching), Jacob Schepis and Lyndon Purcell (JPS) and more (Don’t recognise them? Search them online).

We will continue to add resources, lectures and content to the Online Mentorship over the years to develop a complete education hub for our students so that you can reap the benefits! The earlier you get in, the more you will save long term!

Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

Coaches who have completed their Certificate 3 & 4 often share a similar story. Feeling like a statistic, pumped out into the industry, unprepared for the complexities and intricacies involved in understanding training nutrition, running a business and ultimately being a successful coach. We know what this is like, because many of our Coaches have been there.

Fortunately, we have partnered up with IFA [RTO 32433] in an effort to raise the standard of education for incoming Coaches and Trainers. Not only will Students of the Cert 3 & 4 receive their fundamental certification and education through the IFA online learning portal, but will also have access to many additional education resources offered by JPS and our Coaches.

We are dedicated to educating the next generation of Personal Trainers and Coaches, and to inspire our students to succeed in the industry. Learn from industry leaders and experienced professionals that not only care, but actually work in the industry on a daily basis.

Online Physique Contest Prep Course

If you are looking to hit the stage yourself, or are a Coach who works with body composition clients or individuals wanting to compete in physique shows, then this is for you. This course extensively covers what it takes to get to stage ready. Offering a comprehensive overview of the sport of bodybuilding as it relates to training, nutrition and navigating a contest prep successfully.

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