• Bachelor of Health Science, Majoring in Physiology & Anatomy
  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Certificate I in Vocational Preparation
  • Certificate IV in Business Sales
  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management
  • Master Trainer Level 1
  • Senior First Aid


I am a Personal Trainer because I know I can help others reach their fitness related goals. It makes me extremely happy and proud when I help individuals get from A to B. It’s never a simple linear process, but that’s what makes the journey worthwhile.


I hope for my clients to gain knowledge, experience and progress both physically and mentally towards their goals session to session.

“Consistency is Key”


Amar Zraika (ONLINE)
“As clichè as it may sound, working with Declan has actually changed my life. Training was something I started off doing out of joy, however after a while it began to feel like a repetitive chore. After losing my sense of direction with not only training but nutrition, Declan helped me understand the importance of fuelling your body, in order to grow and sustain muscle growth, and a healthy wellbeing.   Whilst providing on-going support, advice and encouragement, Declan genuinely takes an interest in providing you with resources and information that allow you to understand the “how” and “why” to all queries and concerns.   The biggest lesson that I have learnt so far whilst working with Declan is that consistency and patience are key to long-term, long-lasting success, no matter what your goals may be.   Without having this new-found sense of direction, I would still be doing endless amounts of cardio and fixating on my eating habits. And honestly who wants to be doing that, when you can lift heavy and eat well instead?”
Alyssa Watson
“Declan has been committed to my success from the minute I started working with him. He has always had my best interest at heart and works tirelessly with me to progress towards my numerous goals. He is mindful of my health issues and works hard to make sure I’m progressing without sacrificing my overall health and wellbeing (something I have previously been unable to manage). Having Declan as my coach is undoubtedly one of the smartest investments I have ever made.”
Amy Griffin
“I’ve been working with Declan now for almost two years and believe he is one of the most experienced/educated and dedicated trainers around. Declan provides unlimited coaching, nutritional guidance and a great training atmosphere and rapport. I highly recommend Declan, the professionalism and passion for what he does is second to none. I wouldn’t be where I am now today without having Declan as my trainer and friend.”
Ana Mustafa
“Declan has been my coach since July 2018. I contacted JPS advising that I was looking for a PT after training at F45 for 2 years. From the very beginning he took on what I was looking for and I began coaching with him 2x week and a 2x program by myself. I have enjoyed training with Declan as he is very thorough in our sessions, his attention to detail with my technique is spot on, and he provides knowledge and context on the ‘why.’ I have complete trust in his ability and will hopefully be training with him for the next years to come!”
Ash Musgrove
“Signing up with JPS Health and fitness was one of the best things I have ever done! Declan my trainer has structured my workouts so that my sessions progress at a steady consistent rate and provides me with enough variation so I don’t get bored! He also makes makes every session fun but keeps challenging me. Loving it!”
Casey Goodman
“I have been training with Declan for just under 6 months now and in that time I’ve achieved significant goals. Declan has motivated me and given me the tools I need to drop my goal of 10kg. More importantly Declan has taught me key lifestyle changes and habits to keep the weight off and build confidence when training. Declan is incredibly personable and makes each session fun and challenging.”
Daniel Allen
“Throughout my time at JPS under the guidance of Declan, I have been completely satisfied with the experience. I have gained a greater understanding of all aspects of training and now have the tools to complete workouts independently. Declan has been extremely positive, understanding and encouraging in and outside the gym.  I am now in a far better place than when I first walked into JPS.”
Darlene Ktenidis
“I’ve been training with Declan for about 13 weeks now, and believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I started training with him with the intention of losing weight after my second child. Between both pregnancies, I gained between 10kgs-15kgs. I found it very difficult to lose the weight and internalized the difficulty of this, I often ate “convenient” food and lost motivation to maintain a balanced diet. Through commencing PT with Declan, I found a motivation that I previously found hard to find. Declan is and has been focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging, we’ve built a great working relationship and friendship, he is so easy to talk to. I truly believe that Declan is genuinely invested in assisting me to reach my goals, it’s such a comfortable environment around him – like working out with a friend! Declan has helped me build a strong foundation around a sustainable healthy eating lifestyle. This has changed my relationship with food entirely, where I now have so much more energy to keep up with my children and being back to full time employment. I have become more focused on my healthy eating lifestyle and have again become passionate about PT and smashing my future goals. To date I have lost approximately 9.5kgs, and feel stronger than ever! I value Declan being so responsive and reliable during our PT sessions and also communicating through messages outside of business hours. Declan is always well prepared with a session plan for the day, where the workouts are clearly client based and weights are adjusted in accordance with succession of previous work out plans. Declan always ensures my technique is correct to avoid injuries, and to ensure a safe working environment. I thoroughly enjoy my PT sessions with Declan and would recommend him to anyone who is genuinely interested in making positive lifestyle changes!”
Georgia Balakis
“During the time I’ve been training with Declan I have noticed changes within my physical self and relationship with the gym. 5kgs down and I’m feeling a lot stronger and confident in my abilities to continue my journey under his guidance. He is kind and offers to share his chobani fit with me mid session all whilst keeping me on focused on completing my sessions and gives excellent high five’s after sets. Every question I’ve had gets answered with confidence and knowledge increasing my belief in him to help me reach my goals and increasing my interest in the fitness world.”
Georgia Vicendese
“Apart from being very friendly, easy to talk to, diligent and super supportive Declan is clearly extremely knowledgeable about training and nutrition and shares this with me in a way that I understand. Declan always demonstrates he cares. My experience at JPS has exceeded my expectations because Declan is consistently going above and beyond in all the criteria I think is required of an excellent coach.”
Helin Saygili
” Declan is the best personal trainer I have ever had! Most importantly, he is highly knowledgeable and any advice or opinion he provides me is supported with facts and evidence. I have gained a lot of knowledge since training with Declan, particularly around diet. I came to JPS really confused about what I should be eating, how much, and when. All the contradictory information I was given stressed me out and caused me to have a poor relationship with food (binge eating). Declan’s dietary advice is simple, and non-restrictive and has helped me form a more positive relationship with food and stop binge eating. The alleviation of my anxieties around food is something that is worth a million bucks to me and something I am really thankful for. My training program is systematic and has led to me seeing great results in a rapid period. I have great confidence in Declan and the results I will achieve with him as my personal trainer. I hope Declan is getting plenty of credit and recognition for his amazing work! I know he is super humble.”
Jonathon Portlock
“The sessions with him have proven to be an invaluable resource in learning new skills, and improving strength. Declan has a fantastic ability to know limits, and when to push them beyond what you even thought possible. I absolutely would recommend training at JPS.”
Kate Berger
“I can honestly say I have enjoyed every session I’ve had with Declan. He makes sure that all the behind the scenes work is done so when I come in, I can get straight into my session and focus on what I need to be doing. He is always actively communicating with me about what he can do to help make sure I’m reaching my goals both in and out of the gym, making sure I’m happy with what exercises are in my plan and changes things up which is always fun. I can always rely on him for advice and he doesn’t just give me a standard response. He is so genuine which makes me feel more confident and really gives me that sense of support. I feel very lucky to have Declan as my coach and look forward to continuing my JPS journey with him. “
Lisa Crosbie
“Declan’s responses to my questions are great; he is always open to having questions asked and giving answers where he can, every session is awesome! My sessions are always great quality, challenging & fun. I believe he always goes above and beyond what he has to, because he is always around to help even after my paid session is finished. Compared to my other personal training experiences, Declan far exceeds anything that I have experienced before, he is super present and the whole team at JPS actually care.”
Mark Salera
“Declan has provided both nutritional and training guidance. While working together, my goals shifted and Declan was able to adjust accordingly. Now focusing more on strength, and closely following he’s recommendations, my progress over a short period of time has been obvious. The big compound lifts have never felt so good, I’m able to eat more than my norm, and my energy levels in and out of the gym have improved. He’s demonstrated patience, an attention to detail and consistent enthusiasm for the process.”
Meagan Lechuki
“Working with Declan has completely changed my view on the training experience. He took the time to get to know me, my goals and why I’ve struggled to reach them until this point. Having never stuck to a diet and exercise regime, I’ve really enjoyed Declan’s flexible and realistic approach to training and am wrapped to have lost 7.5kgs to date.”
Marni Fraser (ONLINE)
“I first wanted a coach to help me change my body composition as well as have someone to be more accountable to. I never really thought about the long term and having a structured plan! It was always all or nothing with me which led to being very inconsistent and not seeing much progress. I have had Declan as my coach since October and am currently down 3kg with a huge change in my body composition. There has definitely been hard times where I think being hungry is the end of the word. Luckily, I have had Declan to keep me going and help me understand it all and also that I will not die from being slightly hungry. Declan has showed me to stay consistent, put the hard work in and it will pay off. As an impatient person, it is all or nothing, and having a coach to help strategically plan it all has been the difference of my results with Declan and the years prior of dieting on and off. Really grateful to have a coach that doesn’t just tell you what to do but explains why we are doing it and the reasons behind it.”
Nibras Matte
“Declan’s vibrant yet calming style keeps me coming back. I started training with Declan in a bid to lose weight but what I achieved was so much more. I learnt how to perform exercises that I would never have attempted on my own. He shares his expert knowledge with me about nutrition, how and why my programs change, and I have learnt so much in a short amount of time. He’s also very fun to train with.”
Rebekah Nielson
“Declan is such a great coach. He’s super knowledgeable and passionate about educating people and helping them achieve their goals. He sees the potential in everyone and knows how to get the absolute best out of his clients.”   With all his guidance and encouragement, I’ve started to believe in my own potential as well – which is more than I expected out of having a personal trainer. I’m excited to continue on training with Declan and seeing what new targets we can aim for.
Sam Mac
“It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!  After 20 years in the commercial gym environment and always having been an avid follower of fitness related information, I thought I knew it all.  Boy was I wrong!  Declan has been my coach for almost 12 months and in that time I have made more progress with my personal health and fitness goals than I have previously achieved over the past 20 years either on my own, with other coaches or in group training sessions. I have learnt so much in the past 12 months in all aspects of my health and fitness.  My total time in the gym has halved and my food intake has increased a heap and I’ve never looked and felt better.  I highly recommend Declan to anyone considering working with a coach at JPS.  Do it!!!!!!!”
Sarah Gledhill
I can’t measure how long I’ve been training with Declan for in months but I can much more easily track and measure the time with my progress. Progress is different to everyone, and yes, I have lost weight since training with Declan but I’ve gained so much knowledge, strength and confidence! When I started training with Declan I had very little confidence in my ability to lift free weights and actually refused to do certain exercises, firmly believing I couldn’t perform them. Thanks to Declan’s knowledge and patience, I now confidently execute my lifts and am amazed by what my body can do in the gym. I would describe Declan as knowledgeable, approachable and responsive to his clients goals and needs which would make him an excellent coach for any individual with any goal in mind.”
Selma Misirlisoy
“I started training with Declan at JPS in a bid to get stronger. What I have been able to achieve with Declan’s help is far more than this! My overall strength and fitness has improved so much in a short space of time that I am able to perform exercises & lift weights I would never have attempted on my own. I do three sessions a week with Declan and each sessions is tailored to me so I can achieve exactly what we have discussed and set out to achieve. I have learnt so much from Declan, he is always willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with around health and fitness – even if it isn’t directly related to my goals. Declan’s dedication is clear, in each session he is energetic, fun, committed, supportive and gives great inspirational high-fives. More importantly Declan has enabled me to become more confident in myself and confident in a gym using different equipment. Regardless of what your goals are I’m confident Declan will help you achieve them.”
Teagan Loriot
“Declan is a fantastic coach! He is motivating and knows exactly how to get the most out of me in every session – even at 5am. He always goes above and beyond what is required and is extremely knowledgeable across a really wide range of health and fitness related topics. He is fun, hardworking and really cares about my goals and needs, and has helped keep me motivated through many obstacles I have faced. I always look forward to my sessions and training in general, and really appreciate everything Declan has helped me achieve, he has never given up on me and is an amazing coach!”
Tessa Russo
When I first signed up to do one on one sessions at JPS, I was told I wasn’t allowed to choose my trainer and one would be allocated to me. I was skeptical at first and wasn’t keen on the idea. 5 months on with Declan and I couldn’t be happier with the allocation made. Declan’s extensive knowledge, motivation and friendly banter makes training so enjoyable and rewarding. In 5 months, Declan has helped me achieve my goals of reducing my body fat and progressing in strength (back pain free) – all whilst indulging in tim tams most nights of the week. At 6am, Declan is always smiling (even when I’m not), always punctual (even when I’m not) and is always willing to accomodate or answer any questions or requests I may have.
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