Stop spending countless hours in the gym without getting results. Join our team at our facility today!

Our coaches have proven time and time again that through applying the principles of strength training and nutrition in a scientific, yet real world manner; our clients can achieve outstanding results.

Since beginning in 2010, the Coaching services we have on offer have become far more comprehensive, ensuring you get absolutely everything you could possibly require from your Coach to ensure that you can achieve your goals. Not to mention we have flexible pricing options, and bundles available to accommodate our clientele’s entire individual needs from their training and Coaching services.


As we said, we have developed a comprehensive Coaching service to ensure you are covered and don’t need to stress about not getting all that you require!

The inclusions for our In-Person Training services are:

    •  Training Sessions (This varies on package/training option purchase. Session duration is 30-minutes)
    • Access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from your Coach
    • Training Programming
    • Nutrition Plan
    • Weekly Check-In’s and Program Updates with your Coach
    •  Access to our private online community, the ‘JPS Inner Circle’ Facebook Group.
    • Access to our FREE Monthly Workshops
    • Ongoing guidance and support.


One-On-One Training – Focus on yourself for a little, and get the most out of your training. Working with a Coach in one-on-one sessions will afford you the chance to have their attention solely on you and your training, but also brings the opportunity to ask questions and learn from their knowledge and experience. This is a sure fire way to fast track your progress, and to build your confidence in the gym so you can continue to progress long term!

Two-On-One Training – For those who prefer to train with a friend or family member, this is for you. You and another person will be able to work with one Coach, throughout your training sessions. This not only makes Coaching more affordable, but you get to share the experience with someone special.

Semi-Private Training – This is for those who are already part of the JPS family, meet the eligibility criteria, and wants to step up their training. Our Semi-Private training brings together individuals who are of a similar advancement (intermediate to advanced trainee’s) into a group training setting, under the watchful eye of some of our most experienced Coaches. Session times and days pre scheduled, and there limited capacity in each, meaning all participants is sure to benefit from an environment that fosters hard work and training, and furthering your training and nutrition education. Did we mention it is also super cost effective and the sessions run for an hour. To get more information or to sign up get in touch with our Admin team at [email protected]

Training Bundles – Bundle it up and save! Our training bundles combine your personal training and gym membership into one package, which allows you to not only save but also ensure you have full access to our facility.

Please be sure to access and read our Terms & Conditions, which is available for download at the bottom of this page, or can be emailed to you by submitting an enquiry.


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