C.E.O and Head Coach

Qualifications & Specialties: 


  • Head strength & conditioning coach
  • Co-Presenter for JPS Mentorship
  • JPS Education Content Creator
  • Nutritional consultant
  • Certificate III & IV Fitness
  • Advanced sports nutrition
  • Contest preparation coach
  • Contest preparation coach
  • International bodybuilder
  • Published Author (A Simple Guide to Scientific Nutrition)
Jacob Schepis is the owner & director of JPS Health & Fitness, where he has helped thousands of individuals improve their strength, body composition and well being through evidence based resistance training and nutrition.
Taking a scientific based approach to training and diet has enabled Jacob to excel in a variety of sports, including playing VFL, bodybuilding, where he has won multiple state and international titles, along with competing in the International Powerlifting Federation, where he has competed at a national level and achieved a top 8 Ranking in Australia.
Having worked in the industry for over 8 years, Jacob’s wealth of knowledge coupled with his experience in the trenches has led him to become one of Melbourne’s most sought out trainers. His role has extended fate beyond working with his beloved clients, to now mentoring aspiring personal trainers, holding workshops and seminars, and writing for the nations personal training governing body, Physical Activity Australia.
His motto is simple, whatever the mind can conceive, can be achieved.

Coaching History:


Jacob has worked with novice, intermediate and advanced powerlifters from around the globe at the local, national and international level. His athletes not only get strong but refine their technique, lift pain free and master the competition lifts. Additionally, Jacobs strength athletes also experience the benefits of having a coach who understands both training and nutrition, seeing drastic improvements in their body composition and learn how to make weight in a safe and reliable manner without compromising their meet day performance. Additionally, many of his athletes excel attaining some of the highest achievements possible in the sport:
+60 Competitors since 2014
20+ Powerlifting Australia National Records
2018 Powerlifting Australia Open Nationals Best Male Team
2019 Powerlifting Australia Junior Nationals Best Female Team
100+ Top 3 Placings Powerlifting Australia Sanctioned Meets
20+ International Level Powerlifting Athletes


Jacob has a passion for physical transformations and a keen interest in bodybuilding. He has worked with novice, intermediate and advanced natural bodybuilders and physique athletes worldwide over the past 10 years where he has not only guided his competitors to the stage where they display their best ever physique, but educating his athletes on how to utilise a flexible and dynamic diet and training strategy. His approach aims to minimise the harsh realities and side effects of contest prep and enabled his athletes to pursue competitive physique in a manner that prioritises not just outcomes, but physical and mental well being. Many of his athletes have reached the pinnacle of achievements in the sport and excelled in their competitive career.
+75 Competitors since 2009
+40 First Placings in State & National Level Shows
+120 Top 3 Placings in State & National Level Shows
+150 Top 5 Placings in State & National Level Shows
+10 Pro Cards 
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