Studies have shown that good employee health and wellbeing boosts business performance, increases productivity and leads to improved workplace culture.

Many businesses and organisations are beginning to invest further into the health and wellbeing of their employee’s for these reasons, offering professional development, mental and physical wellbeing days.

The intended outcome of these investments is to not only improving overall employee health, happiness and wellbeing, but also to benefit the business at large by improving employee longevity, increasing performance and productivity, but to also minimise expenses and employee related costs to the business, for example employee turnover, mistakes and errors and dispute resolution.

As such we have created a 60-minute presentation Nutrition and Exercise Strategies for Enhancing Workplace Performance’.

The content of our presentation will discuss the implementation of nutrition and exercise strategies that will improve cognitive function, workplace performance and productivity. Nutrition and exercise play a vital role in improving health and well being of all individuals. It is often said that without our health we have nothing, and in our experience this is true. Performance at both an individual and global level within a company or business will be determined by the productivity and output of those working within the institute. Improving physical health via evidence based dietary and exercise strategies can therefore enhance the likelihood of corporate success.

We would love to send over our head coaches along with our sport scientist to present at your workplace! If you would like a run down on the presenters and further details on payment options, please let us know!  As for when we can run these, our presenters are quite flexible and can come in on one of your Professional Development Days, low business days or even on a lunch break! A few preferences of date/time/location would be required as to cross check with presenter availability upon which confirmation of booking will be made and required persons notified.

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