JPS Featured Podcasts 

Austin Current: The Art of Collaboration 

Hypertrophy Hub Podcast: Coaching bodybuilders and observing trends with Cliff Wilson  

Max MPS Radio: Specialisation Cycles  

STCfit Learning Podcast: Labels and dogma in fitness: Evidence-Based, IIFYM and more  

ROAR Knowledge Podcast: Raising the standard in fitness  

The Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast: Training for muscle growth  

Brains and Gains Podcast: Training Roundtable with Steve Hall & Dave Maconi  

Sigma Nutrition Radio: Physiology, hypertrophy and discussions  

 The Sustainable Self Development Podcast: Specialisation cycles of Jacob Schepis  

The Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast: The Do’s and Dont’s of training in a calorie deficit  

3DMJ Podcast: Omar Isuf, Mike Israetel & Jacob Schepis  

 School of muscle podcast: Behaviour change, coaching strategies & more  

The Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast: How to overload and build muscle as an intermediate lifter  

Brains & Gains Podcast: The coaching roundtable  

Brains & Gains Podcast: Volume controversies, differences in NEAT and dieting mood 

The Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast: Fat loss dieting strategies  

Synapse Performance Podcast: Client buy-in, effective coaching systems and learning from past mistakes 

AD Strength & Performance Podcast: Home Gym Training 

 Revive Stronger Podcast: Digging through a contest prep  


Andrea and Friends 

Melbourne Strength Culture Podcast: Hypertrophy  

Vegan Body Coach Podcast: Training for muscle growth  

FatFix Podcast: Falling off the diet wagon  

Sigma Nutrition Podcast: Developing coaching skills and blending evidence with pragmatism  

Hypertrophy Hub Podcast: Hypertrophy phase planning and how to learn about exercise programming 

Strength Chat Podcast 

 The Hypertrophy Hub Podcast: Science communication and respecting evidence  

Sustainable Self Development Podcast: Coaching, past mistakes and life habits  

Strong By Ash Podcast: Enhancing the female physique  

PT Prophet Podcast 

The Art of Personal Training Podcast: How to progress after the first month of lockdown  

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