FREE presentation on Nutrition and Training at your SCHOOL!

The presentation would run for 60-90 minutes and include engaging practical activities for your students. The practical component would have learning objectives and outcomes to meet the requirements of the intended purpose of the workshop.

Who are we?


JPS Health & Fitness are Melbourne’s Elite Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Educators. We apply the science and evidence of exercise, physiology and nutrition to our clients training and diet to help them achieve their goals.  As well as face to face sessions with client, we facilitate Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness and run a multitude of education services. These services include seminars and workshops that cover specific fitness, health and nutrition topics with the intended purpose of dispelling some of the myths and misinformation that is out there, and providing the recipient with some clarity and practical information

If your sports/school curriculum has a particular area of interest in relation to Nutrition and Exercise we would be able to tailor our program accordingly and adjust our content to match.

We would love to arrange a time whereby interested students and sports students in particular from Years 9-12 could come on an excursion to our facility in Airport West for a mini workshop and information session or if preferred we could come down to have a chat to the students at your school. Students that have interest in working with athletes, completing further studies in fitness, sports management, exercise science and movement and nutrition would be highly encouraged.

It is our desire to help students achieve excellence within the fitness industry and take their passion for fitness and turn it into a sustainable and lucrative career.

A few preferences of date/time/location(incursions/excursion) would be required as to cross check with presenter availability upon which confirmation of booking will be made and required persons notified.

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