• Co-Presenter for JPS Mentorship
  • JPS Education Content Creator
  • Masters in High Performance- Sport Science*
  • Bachelor of Applied Science – Exercise and Sport Science
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach – ASCA Level 1
  • FMA Level 1


Training and nutrition are my passion. Over the years, health and fitness has taught me many lessons and brought forth to me a purpose that provides me with a tremendous amount of happiness on a daily basis. For this I am extremely grateful and I wish to share with others the positive effects that this lifestyle can bring.

The purpose I speak of, is acquiring as much theoretical knowledge and practical skills as I can, in regards to body composition and performance enhancement. Then, utilising that knowledge and those skills to create a plan that will not only be effective in helping the individual achieve their goal, but also let it be done in an enjoyable and sustainable manner. No unnecessary pain, crash dieting or wasted effort. I pride myself on only employing evidence-based methods, which are then customized to the individual’s unique goals and constraints.

Far too often I see people in gyms that are working hard, yet failing to see the results that they believe they ultimately deserve. The issue is not that they aren’t working hard enough, it’s that they simply aren’t applying their effort as intelligently as they potentially could be. Which is doing them a massive disservice.

It is my goal to rectify this misguided effort in those who seek out my help. By ensuring that maximum results are obtained from the invested time and effort, I see this as my best opportunity to utilize my passion for the science of training and nutrition in a constructive manner.

At the end of the day, what makes me happy, is helping others achieve what makes them happy. A problem shared may be a problem halved, but happiness shared is happiness doubled in my opinion.

"Ideas are everywhere, but knowledge is rare"

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Flogging a dead horseradish:  “The Game Changers” got a lot wrong, but are you completely guilt-free? Part 1.

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