So you want to join the JPS family and become a member? Well, please read on…

In order to be eligible for a Membership at JPS it is a requirement that our Members have worked with our Coaches previously, either Online, or In-Person Coaching.

Why do we do this? We are glad you asked.

Firstly, JPS Health & Fitness is a private facility, and is not like an ordinary commercial gym. We have spent the better part of a decade building our community and creating an environment that represents everything we stand for and want out of a gym.

Secondly, our little slice of heaven means a lot to our staff and our members. This is an important part of the process of becoming a part of our family and community as it ensures that incoming Members are familiar with how we operate, and are well suited to our culture.

At JPS we share our weights and equipment, we put our weights away and keep equipment and the facility clean and tidy. we are respectful of everyone who enters the facility, our Coaches are always willing to lend a hand or answer a question, and ultimately we are all there to help one another to improve and progress, to train hard and enjoy the process!

If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, we won’t be offended, there is a Derrimut around the corner. But, if you want to join us on our quest for good times and gains, then we would love you to come down and check out our facility.


For those who fit the bill and want to sign up to a Membership at JPS we have a few options to suit your needs:

Standard Membership – This will give you full access to our facility and equipment to come in and train yourself at your leisure!

Membership Plus – If you are wanting a bit more from your gym membership then we have you covered. With the Membership Plus you will be assigned a Coach who will oversee your training and nutrition programming, as well as have access to a quarterly 30-Minute Coaching session with your Coach.

Training Bundles – Get the best of both worlds with In-Person Coaching sessions and a membership, and save in the process. See information on In-Person Training Here.

Casual Entry – Check out our facility for a once off visit. Only $10


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Please be sure to access and read our Terms & Conditions, which is available for download at the bottom of this page, or can be emailed to you by submitting an enquiry!

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