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Online Physique Contest Prep Course

If you are looking to hit the stage yourself, or are a Coach who works with body composition clients or individuals wanting to compete in physique shows, then this is for you. This course extensively covers what it takes to get to stage ready. Offering a comprehensive overview of the sport of bodybuilding as it relates to training, nutrition and navigating a contest prep successfully.

The course includes video lectures on the following topics:

–       Introduction to the sport of bodybuilding

–       Periodisation for physique athletes

–       Contest prep physiology

–       Pre-requisites for competing

–       Planning and setting up a contest prep

–       Program Design: Training & cardio set up

–       Diet strategies for physique sports

–       Navigating a contest prep: The digging phase

–       Fatigue/stress management strategies

–       Troubleshooting adherence/reporting

–       Adjusting training/cardio

–       Comprehensive posing guide

–       Peaking protocols

–       Preparing for show day

–       Show day

–       Post competition recovery

–       Setting up off season training and diet.

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