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Evidence-Based Personal Training

Stop spending countless hours in the gym without getting results! Join our team at our Airport West gym and personal training studio today! Our coaches have proven time and time again that through applying the principles of strength training and nutrition in a scientific, yet real-world manner; our clients can achieve outstanding results.

What's Included?


As part of your personal training at JPS, you receive the following services:

  • 30-minute Personal Training Sessions (Quantity will depend on pack selected)
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from your Coach
  • Personalised training programming
  • Nutrition planning and programming
  • Weekly Check-In’s and program updates with your Coach
  • Access to our private online community, the ‘JPS Inner Circle’
  • Facebook Group.
  • Ongoing guidance and support.






Ready To Get Started?



One-On-One Training

Working with a Coach in one-on-one sessions will afford you the chance to have their attention solely on you and your training. This is a sure-fire way to fast track your progress, and to build your confidence in the gym so you can continue to progress long term!

Two-On-One Training

For those who prefer to train with a friend or family member, this is for you. You and another person will be able to work with one Coach, throughout your training sessions. This not only makes Coaching more affordable, but you get to share the experience with someone special.

Powerlifting & Bodybuilding Competition

 Are you planning on competing?  If yes, do you want your Coach there on the day? These fees cover the additional time your Coach invests in attending and providing their services on the day of your competition, and ensuring that you are as prepared as possible for your competition.


Your Coaches services on the day, Increased check-in frequency in the lead up to competition, Peak Week planning and programming, 1 x Month FREE gym access.

Doesn’t include…

Any additional products that may be required (e.g. tan)
This Fee also does not cover any entry fees for your Coach on the day!
A single comp or 3 comp pack is available and can be purchased in the SHOP tab along the menu! 
To get more information or sign up call us on 1800 JPS FIT or contact us below.




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Sign up to other options call us on 1800 JPS FIT or contact us below.

Plans & Pricing!

Flexible personal training plans. Book in your free consultation today!

  • 1 Session/Week

    67 50

    • 1 30-Minute Sessions
    • Training Program
    • Nutrition Plan & Guidance
    • Weekly Check-Ins & Updates
    • Weekly Direct Debit (10 Weeks)
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  • 2 Sessions/Week

    125 00

    • 2 30-Minute Sessions
    • Training Program
    • Nutrition Plan & Guidance
    • Weekly Check-Ins & Updates
    • Weekly Direct Debit (10 Weeks)
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  • 3 Sessions/Week

    170 00

    • 3 30-Minute Sessions
    • Training Program
    • Nutrition Plan & Guidance
    • Weekly Check-Ins & Updates
    • Weekly Direct Debit (17 Weeks)
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We are NDIS Providers!

At JPS we are firm believers that health and fitness is for everyone. We are registered as NDIS service providers which means that our personal training services are now accessible to all participants within the scheme!
We have already worked with a number of individuals through NDIS with great success and are excited at the prospect of helping many more in the near future!


  • Can I get some more information about Personal Training before signing up?

    JPS offer a Free Consultation to all those enquiring about our services. This is simply a 30 minute chat, where you have the opportunity to meet with one of our Head Coaches, check out our facility and get to know more about what we do, why we do it, and how we can help you work towards your fitness goals! To book your consultation submit an enquiry today, or contact admin@jpshealthandfitness.com.au or call 1800 JPS FIT.

  • What is included with Personal Training?

    Our Personal Training Packages are inclusive of your 30 minute session/s with your coach, individualised training programming and nutrition planning, and any updates or amendments made to these throughout the duration of your coaching, as well as Weekly Check-Ins with your coach. All clients have the opportunity to join our Online community group, where our Team and community can connect out of the gym!

  • What do I need to get started?

    All you need to get started is appropriate gym attire (something YOU are comfortable working out in), a drink bottle and towel. Your coach will provide you with everything else that you need to get under way, and will teach you the tools necessary to facilitate your long term health and fitness journey!

  • Can I train with a friend?

    Two-On-One Training is available for those who are looking to train with a friend or family member, and provides one of the most cost effective training methods available to our clients! Two-On-One training includes your shared 30 minute session/s with your coach, individualised training programming and nutrition planning, and any updates or amendments made to these throughout the duration of your coaching, as well as Weekly Check-Ins with your coach.

  • How do I book in my sessions?

    Sessions can be booked in with our Administration Team at Reception, directly with your coach, or through our JPS HF App (free for download on the App Store).

  • What are my payment options?

    We do our best to offer flexible payment alternatives for our clients so they can get the most out of our services! Accordingly, we offer both Upfront Payment as well as a Direct Debit. Pricing will depend on your services, for more information please contact admin@jpshealthandfitness.com.au or call 1800 JPS FIT

  • Do I get charged if I cancel?

    JPS have a 24 Hour Cancellation policy, which will be implemented if sessions are cancelled late. If you cancel your session outside of the 24 Hour window (either with your coach directly or through admin), there is no charge to your account.

  • How many times a week should I train?

    If you are new to weight based training, our JPS coaches typically recommend starting with 2x sessions per week so that clients gain more frequent exposure to new exercises, as well as this allowing clients to develop their technique and understanding of movements quicker. However, the number of sessions per week a client may train with their coach will also depend on scheduling, what the client can commit to each week as well as the client's goals! Our Coaches will always advise what is in your best interests, so we encourage you to ask during your consult.

  • Can I come into train on my own?

    If you are looking to come in for a once off casual visit, this will only set you back $10. 

    If you are looking to come in and train on your own more regularly we have Memberships to suit your needs. A membership is required to utilise the facility outside of Personal Training Sessions. But with a membership (and FOB security scanner) you can access the facility whenever you like! 

    For more information on memberships, including pricing, terms, and inclusions please contact admin@jpshealthandfitness.com.au

  • How long are sessions?

    All Personal Training sessions are 30 minutes in length. But we encourage all clients to get in earlier to complete an adequate warm up, and to stay as long as they like to complete their session!

  • Is there a shower at the gym?

    We offer unisex shower amenities for all clients to utilise. 

  • What happens to my sessions/contract if I have time off?

    f you have paid for any services that are unused, they will remain active on your account until the designated expiration period lapses. It is extremely uncommon that clients are unable to utilise their services before the expiration, and in these rare instances we encourage you to contact us directly at admin@jpshealthandfitness.com.au or call 1800 JPS FIT to discuss!

    For clients and members on Direct Debit payments plans or contracts, there are fees and charges associated with early termination or suspension of your contract.


JPS Health & Fitness is more than a gym. Read what our amazing clients have to say.

Karen Clements


I’m in my 50’s and train for the health benefits. I’ve been to a few gyms in my time and nothing beats JPS. The atmosphere is great, friendly and welcoming. It’s true when we say “JPS is family” because it really is like family! This gym is not just for competitors or bikini models, but for anyone who likes to feel fit and strong. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. The programs are always individualised according to your needs and goals. And we even have a lot of laughs!

Kelly Jap


Since starting personal training with Sam this year, I am closer to reaching my personal goals than ever before! I have been weight training for many years without a coach but since coming on board with JPS, my training is more structured, my form has improved and my mindset has changed for the better which has resulted in progress! I am constantly learning at JPS and I look forward to every session! I would recommend JPS Health and Fitness without hesitation.


As a retired national athlete, I was looking for someone with the experience to be my next coach and sounding board. I could look no further than Sam at JPS. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and held me to account whenever I had questions. I could not recommend Sam and the JPS team more highly for a comprehensive fitness expedition.



The knowledge and the experience of the coaches in this gym are second to none. They pride themselves on their evidence based practice which is so refreshing to see in the fitness community. The education and knowledge I have gained from my coach in the 12+ months I have been going here is massive, not to mention how happy I am finding my love for the gym again and the results! If you’re looking for a serious training coach without the meathead gym environment and trainers that know what they are doing, look no further! Hats off to the JPS team.



I have been training at JPS since the start of the year. Every session i have there moves me one step closer to my dream thanks to their highly educated trainer’s! They have always made me feel welcome, JPS has become my home away from home.



It is a great feeling walking into a place with like minded individuals, and a coach who I can entrust and believe in. Sam’s programming is amazing and my personal results in all the big 3 have vastly improved! Sam offers continual feedback to his “needy” (me) clients via phone, email and text.I also love the accountability created with my food tracking and just love my sessions overall. Highly recommend to anyone looking to start out or for intermediate and advanced individuals to further improve. From pure observation all the coaches at the facility are truly invested in their clients! Thanks heaps! 🙂

Dan Gilham

Evidence-based and friendly! The team is professional, and are able to demonstrate and apply their theoretical knowledge in practice! I smile when I see the genuine satisfaction in my coach (Sam) whenever we make a breakthrough!

Ethan B

Sam has helped me loads with both my training and nutritional habits and the balance in life and keeping on top of everything as best you can. I have improved my knowledge, confidence and body composition. Going from a “skinny” sort of kid to a more bulky teenager and receiving loads of compliments from family and peers about this. Just reassuring to know hard work is paying off


Progress is not linear, nutrition is not about constant restriction but moderation! Since starting I have made massive improvements on my binge-deprivation cycle, as well as progress in technique and strength in the gym!


I lost 15kg in 8 months, sustainably approached by diet and am feeling stronger. I improved my technique in the gym and it’s helped me avoid injuries and pain. I also really learned how weight loss and exercise are inextricably linked – you need both for healthy living and to feel strong and well!


Getting older doesn’t mean getting weaker! I love training in a fun, social, friendly environment where everyone knows each other by name, and actually cares about each other.


Watching the transformation of others, seeing the smiles on their faces and following another workout and walking away feeling better for the experience. The personal connections that form within JPS and the family feel is the best!

Melissa S

Working with Mia I have learned that my approach to nutrition (and life!) doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Mia cares about more than just training & nutrition for her clients. Throughout the lockdowns she sends little check-in messages to make sure we are all coping ok, which is particularly thoughtful considering she is going through the same stuff we are.

Rachel B

Jacob’s dad jokes always make me smile! Since working with Jacob and JPS my confidence in the gym has improved immensely! When I started I couldn’t bench the bar, and now I can bench press over 30kg!

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