Podcast 52: Interview With Greg Nuckols

In this episode of the JPS podcast, Jacob interviews Greg Nuckols on how to be more scientifically literate, and objectively assess and evaluate research with a critical eye.

Topics include:
01:44: – What is the objective of science in the context of exercise and strength sports;
03:20 – What factors to consider when reading research papers to develop your scientific literacy skill set ;
11:31 – The variables and things to look for when reading a research;
22:30 – What to look for when evaluating the entire body of literature on a topic;
29:27 – Unethical research practices and how and why scientists can ‘fudge the numbers’; and
48:29 – What evidence based practitioners who are in the trenches need to know about science as a whole.

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author: Jacob Schepis

Jacob Schepis is the director of JPS Health & Fitness and one of Melbourne's best personal trainers. As Head nutrition consultant and Strength and Conditioning coach at JPS Health & Fitness, Jacob has transformed hundreds of physiques with his no nonsense, evidence based approach to training and nutrition!