Solo Q and A with Jacob Schepis

Podcast 55: Solo Q&A Session With Jacob Schepis

In this episode of the podcast, Jacob answers questions regarding training, nutrition and career in the fitness industry. Topics covered include: – Reverse Dieting; – High & Low Days (Carb Cycling); – When and how to adjust diet for fat loss; – How to approach a client who already diets on low calories and has stalled? – How to maximise buy-in for clients with respect to dieting? – Low days during a bulk; – Differing relative intensities and set/rep schemes for muscle growth; – Deloads for physique athletes VS powerlifters; – How to count training volume; – When to add more volume to your program; – Powerbuilding; – Do I enjoy my lifestyle as a coach, and has it allowed me to provide for my family? – Advice for new coaches when transitioning into the fitness industry.

author: Jacob Schepis

Jacob Schepis is the director of JPS Health & Fitness and one of Melbourne's best personal trainers. As Head nutrition consultant and Strength and Conditioning coach at JPS Health & Fitness, Jacob has transformed hundreds of physiques with his no nonsense, evidence based approach to training and nutrition!