Interview with Jake Linardon & Eric Helms

Podcast 56: Interview With Jake Linardon & Eric Helms

In this episode of the podcast, Jacob interviews researcher Jake Linardon and Dr Eric Helms on the prevalence of eating disorders in the fitness community.

Dr Linardon has a PHD in eating disorders and is the founder of Break Binge Eating, an eating disorder website and a head lecturer at Deakin University. Dr Helms is also a researcher and science communicator aiming to improve the application of scientific practices in training and nutrition for physique and strength sports.

Topics covered include:

• A background on Jake and his field of research
• Defining and diagnosing eating disorders
• Defining and diagnosing body image disorders
• Prevalence of ED and body image disorders in fitness
• Causes of eating disorders
• Dietary restraint, and the utility of rigid & flexible dieting
• The role of intuitive eating
• Eric’s model of implementing a flexible diet
• Screening for ED & body image disorders for coaches
• Advice for working with clients who have eating & body image disorders

See more of Jake’s research here:

author: Jacob Schepis

Jacob Schepis is the director of JPS Health & Fitness and one of Melbourne's best personal trainers. As Head nutrition consultant and Strength and Conditioning coach at JPS Health & Fitness, Jacob has transformed hundreds of physiques with his no nonsense, evidence based approach to training and nutrition!