Podcast 63: Optimising Body Composition JPS X Sigma

In this episode of the podcast, Jacob has a roundtable discussion with Danny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition and Director of Science at JPS, Lyndon Purcell on their presentations for their up-coming Australian Tour of the Optimising Body Composition Seminar.

Topics include:

  • What is body composition
  • Defining optimization
  • What are the benefits of learning to optimize body composition?
  • Why is it important to understand physiology?
  • An overview of physiology for fat loss and muscle growth
  • The role of nutrition in body composition enhancement
  • The common misconceptions surrounding diet and muscle growth
  • The common pitfalls of dieting for fat loss
  • Common pitfalls of coaches and athletes when it comes to dietary design
  • An overview of diet periodization and Danny’s macrocycle model
    The role of resistance training in muscle growth
  • The common misconceptions surrounding training for hypertrophy
  • Evidence based recommendations for the acute training variables for muscle growth
  • How energy balance effects program design
  • Limitations to long term muscle development

author: Jacob Schepis

Jacob Schepis is the director of JPS Health & Fitness and one of Melbourne's best personal trainers. As Head nutrition consultant and Strength and Conditioning coach at JPS Health & Fitness, Jacob has transformed hundreds of physiques with his no nonsense, evidence based approach to training and nutrition!