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Online Powerlifting Fundamentals Course!


The Powerlifting Fundamentals Online Course has been developed to offer coaches, athletes, strength training and powerlifting enthusiasts a comprehensive course that covered the most vital information to ensuring long term success in the sport of powerlifting.

We have collaborated with some of the best in the powerlifting world, as well as experts in the fitness industry and allied health practices to bring you the highest standard of information that you can implement in practice.
Our course covers a range of topics to help you develop a solid base of information and knowledge about all things powerlifting. From the history and growth of powerlifting as a sport, to programming and peaking considerations, nutrition and weight management for athletes, injury prevention and management, athlete psychology and more.
Best of all, we will continue to add learning materials and further content to continually develop the course and the information on offer, to ensure our students have the opportunity to continue to learn and upskill.
Lecturers include: Robert Wilks, Lyndon Purcell, Will Berkman, Greg Nuckols, Jamie Smith, Brian Minor , Alex Hayes, Danny Lennon, Jacob Schepis, Ryan Doris, Chris Bryceson

There is much more to the sport of powerlifting than the big three lifts!





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