DIY Fat Loss: 12-Week Adaptive Fat Loss Template



DIY Fat Loss: 12-Week Adaptive Fat Loss Template


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Looking to drop a few extra kgs and improve your body composition – be it for summer, a special event or just to improve your quality of life? We have developed a template to help you do just that, and to do it yourself with confidence. The JPS Adaptive Fat Loss Template has been designed to take you through a 12 week fat loss dieting phase. Over the course of the 12 week diet our template will make intuitive adjustments to your nutritional targets based on your progress and the data you input, to ensure that you remain on track and progressing at the right pace so you can achieve your fat loss goal!
This program is split into two distinct  dieting phases – Phase 1 is from Week 1 through 6 and aims to ensure you hit the ground running with your fat loss diet. Phase 2 begins at week 7 where we recalculate your nutritional targets (macronutrients and calories), to give you a small break from aggressive dieting as you head into the final 5 weeks of the dieting phase. It has been designed in such a way to maximise your chances of success by giving a small break that will not sabotage your progress and give you a chance to reset and stick out your fat loss diet.
This program is primarily self guided by the user (you) with support available for both Coaching and Technical if you need some guidance over the period.
Often the key to diet success is sticking it out long enough. Follow this program closely and put in the effort in the kitchen each day and week and you will undoubtedly see improvements to your physique and on the scales!



We recommend this program for individuals who have experience in tracking their nutrition targets, namely calories and macronutrients, as it is intended to be a user run program. For beginners or individuals who want more hands on guidance and coaching we recommend alternative services as opposed to this program. 

As part of the Adaptive Fat Loss program JPS may offer some limited Coaching support throughout, however this product does not include extensive coaching from the JPS team and is designed to be self run by the individual.

The JPS Fat Loss Adaptive Template and the information contained within should not be taken as medical advice, in place of medical advice or to treat any disease. This Template is designed to achieve weight loss (fat loss) as the primary goal, if you are seeking to maintain or gain weight, we do not advise using this template. Before implementing any dietary changes or using this template we recommend seeking medical clearance or consulting your doctor.