Health > Fitness [LIVE ZOOM WORKSHOP]


Health > Fitness [LIVE ZOOM WORKSHOP]


Health > Fitness

‘There’s more to Health than Fitness’

While here at JPS we strongly believe in the value of health and fitness, one of those is much more marketable than the other.

Often the case is that most people don’t think about their health until they have a scare. We are all guilty of this. Before that everyone is much more concerned with their fitness. How far or fast they can run, how lean they can get or how much they squat.

Now don’t get us wrong, these are important and enjoyable endeavours to be concerned with, but they are much more removed from health than people realise. Health and fitness are not synonymous terms. Fitness is about achieving certain athletic endeavours, while health is about establishing quality and longevity, from both a physical and mental standpoint.

If health interests you (and we are of the opinion that it should interest EVERYONE), then this is the workshop for you.


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