Maximising Growth – From Theory To Practice



Maximising Growth – From Theory To Practice


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Performing exercises for a particular number of sets and reps is one thing, but being able to structure a complete program that is focused solely on maximising muscle hypertrophy and executing it in an optimal manner is another. This seminar is designed to teach you just that. You will learn about the ins and outs of muscle hypertrophy and will be exposed to many concepts that are crucial for efficient programming and effective training. You are bound to walk away from this seminar with a new breadth of knowledge that you can apply to your training (or your clients training) immediately.

The five main topics covered include:

  1. Basic physiology of muscle hypertrophy
  2. Biomechanics for hypertrophy training
  3. Muscle anatomy for exercise execution
  4. Programming considerations
  5. Practical training considerations