STRENGTH & PHYSIQUE: From Understanding to Application

STRENGTH & PHYSIQUE: From Understanding to Application


Dates and Locations:
October 5-6 (Sat & Sunday) – Melbourne – JPS Health & Fitness
October 26-27 (Sat & Sunday) – Sydney – Squat Club
November 2-3 (Sat & Sunday) – Perth – Physique Code

Price: $399

Times: 10am-5pm both days

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Strength & Physique: From Understanding to Application

This course combines three of our workshops into one huge weekend and is jam packed with everything that the aspiring coach or athlete needs to know. Losing fat, building muscle and gaining strength are the most commonly sought after goals by lifters, and this workshop is designed to give you the understanding of how to achieve these things in a safe, efficient and effective manner. The JPS coaches who present this workshop not only have the theoretical knowledge of how to induce these adaptations, but also have years of real-world experience and know-how when it comes to tailoring training, nutrition and lifestyle factors to the context of the individual and their specific needs.

The workshops and content covered over the 2-day course are:

  1. Fat Loss Theory and Application – This course content is designed to educate coaches, athletes and folks looking to better understand the latest science and its application to fat loss. Learn more about the physiology of fat loss to help navigate FAD diets, design pragmatic and highly effective nutrition and training protocols that accelerate fat loss in a sustainable manner. This isn’t your basic eat less, move more course and is only for those wanting to push the boundaries of their fat loss potential. (5 CEC)
  2. Science and Practice of Strength – Our strength based training workshop is for individuals who are wanting to improve their knowledge both in and out of the gym and increase their brain and braun when it comes to lifting and programming. The workshop has been designed to teach you the fundamental principles and science behind exercise, more specifically resistance training and how to immediately apply it to your training to build size and strength. (5 CEC)
  3. The Hypertrophy Seminar – Tailored to educate coaches and athletes of the latest science and its application to hypertrophy training and diet strategies. Deepen your knowledge of muscle growth, and learn better understand not only why but how to create effective systems for programming and nutrition planning to maximise muscle growth and hypertrophy. (3 CEC)

Topics covered across the 2 days will include:

  • The physiological processes of how muscle is grown and fat is lost,
  • Biomechanical considerations for different goals,
  • Functional anatomy and screening,
  • Practical strategies for enhancing strength in both the short and long term,
  • Nutrition to augment and enhance the different training objectives,
  • And more.

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October 5-6 (Sat & Sunday) – Melbourne JPS Health & Fitness, October 26-27(Sat & Sunday) – Sydney, November 2-3 (Sat & Sunday) – Perth


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