The Hypertrophy Summit 2020



The Hypertrophy Summit 2020


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Building muscle is one of the main reasons that people walk through gym doors all around the world and ‘lift’. For years, the lifting community has dedicated themselves to exploiting the best strategies and techniques to maximise muscle hypertrophy. This form of physique development has become a long-term journey for many – a journey that gets harder and harder as you go. Many get frustrated by their lack of progress and continue to seek out the most up-to-date hypertrophy strategies, to ensure they aren’t leaving any stone unturned.

The Hypertrophy Summit brings together ten of the industry’s best from around the globe. Our goal is to provide you with best available advice, with each presenter contributing a lecture that is based on current evidence as well as their personal experience in the trenches! From nutrition strategies to training programming – this course covers it all and provides you with a complete overview of important concepts that become essential deep into your training career. Our presenters have years of experience combined, taking both themselves and thousands of clients through the journey that aims to maximise muscle hypertrophy. This summit is a collection of their knowledge, laid out in a concise 10-lecture course that is guaranteed to take your brain and muscle gains to the next level!