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2-Day Intensive Mentorship Course


We are very excited to announce the launch of our evidence based, 2-day mentorship course for personal trainers and strength coaches.


After the huge success of our 12-week face-to-face program, we have condensed all of the key content and curriculum into one intensive weekend, consisting of both theoretical and practical learning based modules. We wanted to offer an alternative to the complex and incomplete programs offered to personal trainers and cut through the misinformation that pervades the fitness industry, to help raise the standard of coaching in Australia.


You will not only learn the science and practice of training and nutrition, but also the philosophies and principles that underpin the success of JPS, teaching you how to apply an evidence based fitness approach to your own practice so that you can efficiently and effectively take new and existing clients from spinning their wheels to achieving world class results.


Our goal is to enhance your coaching tool box and skill set and increase your knowledge to further your development as a fitness professional and become an elite level coach.


Positions are limited and enroll today to secure your place.


I look forward to meeting you, and let the brain gains begin.



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NEXT COURSE DATE: 12-13th of May, 2018.



10am – 4pm



In this module, you will learn the mindset and philosophies of evidence based practice to enhance your ability to think critically, continually evolve your coaching career and demand excellence from your clients.



In this module, you will learn what it takes to develop a strong rapport with your client, identify client issues and devise strategies to improve adherence for maximal results. You will also learn how to acquire new clients and key considerations in developing your niche and increasing your coaching value ceiling as well as retaining your clients long term.



In this module, you will learn how to devise a step by step consultation process that maximises conversion of leads/prospects into long term clients. You will also learn how to conduct a screening process (within your scope of practice) that is not only relevant to resistance training, but timely and effective in transitioning new clients to the gym floor to enhance the client experience and start getting results.



10am – 4pm



In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of physiology as they relate to body composition (fat loss & hypertrophy) and strength to best apply the principles of the most current/available science and research in a practical manner.



In this module, you will learn the key concepts related to nutrition for fat loss, muscle growth and health. This module will give you an insight into how to devise a nutritional approach based on your clients goals, individual circumstances and implement a strategic plan for long term body composition development. Also covered are advanced nutritional strategies and tools to measure physique progress.



In this module, you will learn the principles of strength training and how to apply them to program design for performance and muscle growth, as well as when and how to adopt a phasic structure to your clients training that see’s them consistently make  progress in their physique and strength.



In this module, you will learn the key concepts of movement, biomechanics and leg-tension curves as they relate to resistance training. This practical session will also consist of a hands-on component where designed to improve your coaching skill set in efficiently and effectively demonstrating, cue-ing and teaching core lifts and exercises.


Each module will teach you the integral components of coaching and conclude with:


  • A Check List of Core Competencies
  • Actionable Business Strategies; and
  • Actionable Coaching Tools.

All attendees will receive:


  • Presentation slides/notes
  • ALL JPS templates
  • Access to JPS online mentorship group
  • 1 Month of ongoing mentoring
  • Unlimited Shadowing Opportunities at all JPS facilities
  • Access to 1x Workshop of choice for 2018 FREE.
  • FREE copies of Renaissance Periodisation Diet Books.
  • Discounted purchase on Muscle & Strength Pyramids


2 Day Intensive Mentorship Course

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12-13th of May, 2018, 11-12th of August, 2018

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