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Online Coaching



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JPS Health & Fitness’ Online Coaching Program gives you everything you need

  • Flexible Nutrition Plan

    We work with you to construct a meal plan that fits your lifestyle and tastes. It’s not just chicken and broccoli here!

  • Unlimited Consulting

    Want to know what supplement to take? Need help with a particular exercise. We’re available 7 days over e-mail and text to ensure you’re on track.

  • Personalised Training Program

    We design a personalised training program to help you hit your fitness goals whether you’re a beginner or advanced gym-goer.

  • Weekly Reviews

    We check in weekly to make sure you’re on track with your nutrition and training and adapt your program, where needed, to ensure you hit your fitness goals.

    “After months of chicken breast and broccoli and no noticable difference in the mirror, I reached out to Jacob at JPS Health & Fitness to see what he could do. I’m now eating more, training less and feeling better than I ever have before. Thanks Jacob! ”

    Julie, 26 – Brisbane, Australia

    Jamie Dropped 10 Kilos in 10 Weeks

    Previously using a body building approach to training, we moved Jamie onto a upper/lower split. Now enjoying a wider variety of foods and 10 kilos lighter, Jamie is hoping to step on stage as a body builder at the end of the year.

    Jacob Schepis, Head Coach

    Head strength & conditioning coach
    Experienced online coach
    Nutritional consultant
    Certificate III & IV Fitness
    Advanced sports nutrition
    Contest preparation coach
    International bodybuilder

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