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Personal Trainer Mentorship Program

If you’re a personal trainer with your certificate 3 & 4 or someone looking to crack into the industry, our mentorship program has been specifically devised to give you the knowledge and skills you need to make it as a coach.

The mentorship is directed by JPS Health & Fitness founder Jacob Schepis, who has coached and mentored over 30 personal trainers currently working in the industry, and oversees an average of 600 sessions per week.


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If you’re a personal trainer and are wanting to improve your knowledge, skill set and ultimately become a better coach that practices based on the best available evidence and research, then our intensive 12-week mentorship program will help you not only make it in the fitness industry but thrive.

 Students will learn from industry leaders to gain and further develop a fundamental understanding and application of the principles necessary to effectively screen, program, coach and progress your clients.

Not only will students work closely with Director Jacob Schepis, but will be privy to our industry experts listed below:

  • Chris Bryceson (CB Physio) will be presenting the screening process and how to effectively and efficiently screen clients before prescribing exercise.
  • Karl Di Falco (Powerlifting National Record Holder) will be coaching students on the squat, bench press and deadlift techniques and progressions/regressions, as well as discussing periodisation as it pertains to strength and hypertrophy.
  • Alex Schepis (Essendon Football Club Dietician) will be laying the foundations for nutrition, and discussing how to advise and coach clients through various nutritional protocols to maximise their body composition, health and performance.

Course Outline

Want to know what we’ll be covering each week, simply download our program outline here.

  • Week 1 – Coaching 101
  • Week 2 – Screening
  • Week 3 – Programming Part 1
  • Week 4 – Programming Part 2
  • Week 5 – Squat / Deadlift – Lower Body
  • Week 6 – Bench – Upper Body
  • Week 7- Periodisation/Progressions/Regressions
  • Week 8 – Special Populations
  • Week 9 – Nutrition Part 1
  • Week 10 – Nutrition Part 2
  • Week 11 – Getting Results
  • Week 12 – Recap / How To Make It

Our program has helped multiple trainers start their career as a trainer, and helped maximise the results of their practice as well as the profitability.

Stop guessing, and regurgitating the information you read on the internet, and join us as we embark on improving the quality and standard of personal trainers.

We are only taking expressions of interest at this stage, as we will be screening all applicants to ensure that only those serious about personal training are selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do your classes run?

Classes run on both Tuesday & Thursday nights 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Do we get to train with actual clients?

Students are offered unlimited shadowing opportunities and individual mentoring.

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6th of January 2018, 4th of September 2018