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Size in 25 – Male Hypertrophy Program

From: $25.00 / week for 25 weeks

The JPS Size in 25 program has been specifically designed for male intermediate trainees looking to maximise muscle hypertrophy and improve aesthetics.


This 6 month long program offers far more than just a one off plan and entails weekly in depth assessment and analysis of participants response to the training and dietary protocols to enhance results.


Each participant will receive a detailed online spreadsheet including:


> 6 Month Phasic Planning

> Microcycle/Mesocycle Programming

> Individualised Volume, Frequency, Intensity & Exercise Selection

> Customised Macronutrient Targets

> Weekly Check-Ins

> Weekly Assessments & Adjustments to diet and training plans

> 1x Monthly Skype Consultation


Apply today if you are:

> Male

> Have sufficient training and lifting experience

> Want to take your gaining to the next level.


For your chance to work closely with Director of Science Lyndon Purcell on improving your size, strength and muscle development, apply today.





If you would like to ask a question about the program, you can use the button below.

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Can anyone join 25 To Size?

At this stage, we are limiting positions to just 20 participants, with potential participants required to fill out an application form above and then be selected in order to undertake the program.

The reason for this is we simply cannot cater to all those who have enquired already and in order for us to help you achieve the best results possible, there are certain qualities that we are looking for in participants, as this program is not for beginners, the faint-hearted or those who lose motivation after 2 weeks.

Upon receiving your application, will get back to you within 5-7 business days to notify you about the successfulness.


How much does the program Cost?

The 6 month program costs $625, equating to just $25 per week.

3 payment options are available:

  1. In Full prior to commencement date;
  2. Monthly direct debit payments of $105 (Set up upon accepted into the program).
  3. Weekly direct debit payments of $25 (Set up upon accepted into the program).


When Can I Start 25 To Size?

Successful applicants will commence the program on Monday April 9th 2018..

What does the training program entail?

The training program entails 5 or 6 days worth of training per week, depending on your response in the application (we do not advocate 7 days of training a week, and 4 or less will not be sufficient for the results we are hoping to help you achieve). The program will include exercises, sets and rep schemes and approximate weight recommendations (although the weight used on the day will be in your control depending on how recovered you feel at the time). Training will become more difficult on a weekly basis, until you reach a point where a deload is required. Deloads are lighter weeks of training that allow for recovery and growth to occur, while refreshing you for more hard and overloading weeks of training to come. The periodisation within the program will focus on volume progression and most of the lifting will be with an 8-15 rep range on average. The last block in the training program focuses on metabolite style training and will have sets of 15-25, so get ready for some pain!


What does the nutrition plan require?

The nutrition program requires calorie and macronutrient tracking. Experience in this area is not a requirement for the program, however as the program utilises this method, best results will be seen if you don’t have to concurrently learn how to track your nutrition while moving through the program. The program will not dictate food choices and methods of hitting macronutrient targets will be up to each individual participant. No supplements or strict meal timing will be required, although rough recommendations will be given. Macronutrient targets will then be altered on a needs-basis (through assessment of weight changes, recovery status and training progression, among other things). Due to the dynamic nature of the program, which alters between short dieting periods and more extended weight gaining periods, a basic understanding of what macronutrients are found in certain foods will help to ensure the success of the program.


How will I check in each week?

Check-in will be via email and a Google Docs spreadsheet. Within the spreadsheet you will record objective data such as bodyweight, calories and macronutrients, training numbers etc. You will also send through an email summary outlining any subjective feedback you would like considered also, such as fatigue, mood and motivation, along with just any questions you may have. You will then receive a response to your check-in within 24 hours, outlining your next week of both training and nutrition, as well as responses to any questions or concerns you may have.


Is there ongoing support?

Yes, alongside your check-in each week, you will have access to the private 25 to Size Facebook group, which will include yourself and other members of the program, as well as a number of JPS coaches who will be active in answering the questions you may have or critiquing form videos, which we welcome you to post.


What if I have questions that I don’t want to post in the group?

Questions that are more private or specific to you in nature should be reserved for check-ins. If you forgot to include a question in your weekly check-in, then you can wait until the next check-in or send and email asking it, although a prompt response is not guaranteed in this situation. Help and support will be offered when required, however the selection process of this program has attempted to cull those who require greater amounts of help and support and would be better suited to actual one-on-one on-person coaching. The aim of this program is to attract experienced lifters who think for themselves and don’t require babying, who mostly just require more systematic programming and nutrition to optimise their results. With all this being said, help and support will be offered, just that consistent questioning about things that could be easily worked out with a little research or conversations that require extended back and forth responses won’t be prioritised by Lyndon, who oversees the program, as he many other duties pertaining to his role as Director of Science at JPS.

When do I set up Skype consultations?

Should you wish to have an initial Skype consultation with Lyndon prior to commencing the program, you will arrange the time and day of this with him personally via email.


What if I have an injury/niggle?

Depending on the severity of the injury and your ability to work around it, the program can still be undertaken. However, we do not recommend undertaking this program if you have any major injuries or health concerns. If you are an experienced lifter who has acquired some small, yet manageable niggles that flare up occasionally, but you know how to safely work around them, then that is fine. Alternatively, if you get severe pain every time you train a specific body-part and it lingers for days afterwards, then we recommend not undertaking this program as you potentially have either a form and/or tissue damage issue and this program will not help with either of those concerns. This program is for those who have a solid foundation of form already and don’t have any injuries that will become unmanageable once hard training is undertaken.


What are the terms and conditions?


  1. Full refund within 14 days if dissatisfied with the program.
  2. No refunds for withdrawal from the program after a cooling off period of 14 days.
  3. Any medical or injuries sustained during the program that result in your inability to complete the 25 weeks will result in a partial refund for the outstanding weeks.


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  • Please attach progress pictures - Relaxed. (Front/Side/Back)


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