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Are cutting and bulking the only strategies you employ in your own or your clients diet?


Do you or your clients always struggle with post diet weight rebound?


Is your nutrition and coaching lacking strategy?


If so, download this 48 minute presentation with Director Jacob to learn more about diet periodisation and the various strategies we employ with our clients when looking to optimise fat loss and muscle gain!



In this 50 minute presentation, Jacob discusses:


1. A long term perspective of nutrition

How to understand the big picture and how best to navigate towards yours and your clients intended goal.


2. Theories and concepts of diet periodisation

How to plan out different phases of dieting on various time scales (short-mid-long term).


3. The strategies available to maximise results

How to incorporate scientifically proven strategies within specific dieting phases to optimise fat loss, muscle gain and weight maintenance.


4. Adaptive nutrition

How to adjust and adapt the approach dependent on feedback, goals/time frames and other important factors.


What have people said about the presentation?

“I learnt so much, especially about benefits and timing for diet breaks”



“This presentation made understanding phases of dieting so much easier. I feel more capable in setting up diets and helping my clients achieve their fat loss goals!”



“I’ve attended hundreds of courses and seminars, but this was the best lecture on dieting I have seen to date”

“Man, how did you cover so much content in such a short time? Can’t believe that nobody is teaching trainers these concepts, and the delivery was spot on”

“Amazing. Simple, easy to understand but so in depth. Helped me learn all the strategies I can use with my clients whether their goals are fat loss or hypertrophy”

“I covered weight loss for obesity in my masters degree this week. this content is of a higher quality than my masters content. i loved your comments about the hedonistic relationship us humans have with food.”


Once purchase is made, you will receive the presentation and can watch it at your convenience, time and time again!

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