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“Sydney Hypertrophy Seminar” – SQUAT CLUB


The Sydney Hypertrophy Seminar is a full day course designed to educate coaches and athletes of the latest science and its application to hypertrophy training and diet strategies.

Director Jacob Schepis, Coach and Education Manager Lyndon Purcell & Coach and Education Coordinator Martin Refalo combined have years of in the trenches experience and textbook knowledge.


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Sydney Hypertrophy Seminar

The Sydney Hypertrophy seminar is a full day course designed to educate coaches and athletes of the latest science and its application to hypertrophy training and diet strategies. If you are a coach or athlete or lifting enthusiast looking to further your understanding of muscle growth and want to learn how to create effective systems for programming and nutrition planning to maximise muscle growth, then look no further.

Lecture 1: Physiology of Muscle Growth & Dietary Implications (90 minutes) – By Lyndon Purcell

This presentation will cover the fundamental aspects of muscle growth and how they can be augmented from a nutritional perspective. By understanding the underlying physiology that allows muscle cells to function, as well as the stimuli and signals they respond to, we are better informed on knowing how to induce the desired adaptation. When we have an understanding of the stimuli and signals we are utilizing, we can direct our attention to nutrition and ensure that we are maximizing its role in how effective our entire intervention is.

Lecture 2: Program Design for Muscle Hypertrophy  (90 minutes) – By Jacob Schepis

This presentation will provide the foundation for hypertrophy program training design. The training principles are the guiding concepts that must be satisfied by all well-constructed programs, no matter how varied differing methodologies may be. The training principles are the first step in the process of taking a theoretical understanding of muscle physiology and bringing about practical, real world results. This lecture will start with a recap on the processes by which muscle tissue is grown, and then move into a discussion on how we can conceptually design a program to stimulate maximal muscle growth, while avoiding negative outcomes and trade-offs a long the way.

Lecture 3: Strategic Nutrition for Muscle Growth (90 minutes) – By Martin Refalo

This presentation will cover diet periodization strategies to enhance muscle growth. Whilst traditional nutrition practices incorporate distinct phases of ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’, they have often left many athletes spinning their wheels and for reasons explained in this seminar, may not be an optimal approach for physique athletes. In this lecture, you will learn why such binary nutrition strategies are undesirable for long term body composition development, as well as how to strategically plan, design and implement nutrition protocols that optimizes muscle growth both in the short and long term.

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