The Hypertrophy Webinar

The Hypertrophy Webinar


The Hypertrophy Webinar is a 3.5 hour long video presentation covering the science and application of muscle growth.

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Want to learn more about the physiology of muscle?

Looking to deepen your understanding of the role that training intensity and volume driving hypertrophy?

Are you keen to further your knowledge of program design for physique development and how to piece together an effective training routine?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then you will love our Hypertrophy Webinar!

The Webinar is a 3.5 hour long, in depth video, consisting of 3x presentations from Lyndon Purcell, Brian  Minor & Jacob Schepis.

Topics covered include:

Presentation #1 – The Physiology of Muscle Growth – Lyndon Purcell

Presentation #2 – The Relationship Between Volume & Intensity – Brian Minor

Presentation #3 – Program Design For Physique


To download your digital copy of the webinar, including the powerpoint slides accompanying each presentation, simply purchase the package now for $39.99.