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We know all too well the frustrations that athletes and coaches have when trying to understand how to optimise diet, training and psychology in contest preparation – regardless of division or level of the athlete.    In our 170+ page ebook, we take you from start to finish through the contest preparation phases of a bodybuilding journey, laying out step by step how to navigate towards your best ever physique on stage.
Whether you are a first-time competitor or seasoned veteran, we guarantee that you will obtain more from this ebook than you could imagine. No stone is left unturned as we share our knowledge, experiences and understanding of the arduous and challenging process of getting shredded and reaching your potential on stage.   From the pre-contest prep stages, making important decisions and adjustments to diet, training and cardio in the digging phase as well as optimal peaking strategies for various divisions, rest assured, this ebook details every facet of the bodybuilders journey towards a show. Our mission is to equip athletes and coaches with every ounce of information necessary and the tools needed to not only get the job done but to master the contest prep phase.
But we didn’t stop there.
This book also outlines the all-important post competition phase and provides detailed sections on how athletes can best manage the post-competition blues and minimise weight rebound to effectively transition back to normalcy and enter a productive and fruitful offseason!   Download your copy today to unlock your or your athletes show day potential!
Authors: Steve Hall, Jacob Schepis, Pascal Flor and Lyndon Purcell