8 February 2019


by Frank Besim 0

  I bet you’ve noticed the days are finishing later, and that the sunshine is just around the corner! Holy smokes, it’s almost Summer and my love winter love handles have overstayed their welcome! Do not fear you say… It’s all good, I’ll start next Monday… I’ll start after X function… I know, I’ll cut out…


I bet you’ve noticed the days are finishing later, and that the sunshine is just around the corner! Holy smokes, it’s almost Summer and my love winter love handles have overstayed their welcome!

Do not fear you say…

It’s all good, I’ll start next Monday…

I’ll start after X function…

I know, I’ll cut out carbs, run every morning, and hit the gym every night.

Problem solved right?


If you’ve had similar thoughts to the above, then it is time to reevaluate your plan and listen up to coach Chich…  

Chances are you’ve dropped off a little over the winter months.

Slept in a little too often, missed a few workouts, eaten a few too many burgers and other comfort foods and lost your mojo for ‘fitness’.

You may have put on a few kgs, been a bit lazy, look a little fluffy, and not to mention, you’re probably pale AF (damn solarium outlaw).

Sorry to break it to you, but I can’t help you with the pastiness of your skin.

I can however, help you devise a plan of attack heading into summer to achieve your fitness goals that is sustainable and achievable…

I don’t mean to hurt your feelings or go against your engrained beliefs about ‘fitness’, but your beach body doesn’t require you to go berserk with bosu ball burpees, swing a kettle bell until your blue in the face or endure stupendously hard 45 minute ‘sweat sessions’ that leave you questioning your ability to ‘function’ as a human…

Nor will it require your nutrition to be reduced to cardboard flavoured meals, copious amounts of kale or slamming down detox shakes…

Getting that beach body and bikini ready rig will require you to follow  a few simple guidelines;

  • Don’t panic, just start.
  • Focus on habits and behaviours. Pick one each week and make sure you nail it!
  • Start to tidy up your nutrition choices, slowly.
  • Track calorie and protein intake (myfitnesspal, food diary or portion control).
  • Become a little more savvy with your food choices – less bites, licks and tastes and ease up on the cookies your mindlessly eating at work.
  • Find an exercise routine that you can follow consistently. Cardio, weights, whatever you enjoy and be consistent.
  • Think long term, ask yourself, can I sustain this even when the Christmas parties arrive, the summer sips become more frequent and the beach is a priority!
  • Treat everyday like a chance to step in the right direction. You can go forward or back, its your call!

Melbourne doesn’t really get hot until December, so you’ve got time. Fear not, nobody will see what your hiding under your tall tee or jump suit just yet!

You’ll be surprised how much you can achieve in three solid months of eating well and training well.

So, what not to do;

  • Starve yourself
  • Rely on motivation
  • Cut out carbs
  • Exercise vigorously and excessively.
  • Compare yourself to others.
  • Overhaul your life.
  • Sign up to BS training programs (eg. “Lose 5kg in 2 weeks”)
  • Buy a Waist Trainer
  • Buy keto supplements (facepalm)

This kind of approach is destined to fail.

Do you really think you can go from that sluggish, laid back, comfortable winter version of yourself,  to a machine like robot who dedicates their entire life to being shredded for stereo, bro?

Some people can flick the switch, sure. But that probably isn’t you.

You think you’re motivated right now…

But, what about when you have a tough few days at work, you get invited out to a social occasion, or in typical Melbourne fashion, in the blink of an eye it goes from a crisp 25 degrees to pouring rain for three days straight, and you CBF?

Momentum gets broken, and your hard-core plan has gone to sh**.

Not to mention, this is a recipe for mental mindf**ery that will leave you unmotivated and more than likely with an eating disorder and potentially injured. And when you’re injured, have a poor relationship with food and hate yourself for being a ‘failure’,  you’ll be back to your ‘pre summer’ self, sitting on your arse eating donuts, binging on netflix and googling ‘how to get abs, fast’, again.

So, as I said.

You’ve got time, and plenty of it.

Just because summer is here, you don’t need to re-invent the fitness wheel or overhaul your life to chase that elusive summer body. Fitness success requires consistency, and to be consistent you need to start a realistic approach that allows you to build momentum and adhere to the plan, regardless of life circumstances.

As for your training…

Start slow.

Build into a training regime that doesn’t completely destroy you and leave you broken after every session. 2 sessions per week is better than one, and three will see more progress than 2, but do you need to train every day for hours on end?

Not unless you’re a masochist SOB who doesn’t have a life or about to step on a bodybuilding stage…

Slow and steady will win the shred for stern race, bruh!

And who knows, maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to maintain this regime through summer and into the new year without falling victim to the ‘new year, new me’ BS that you’ve been adopting for the past 10 years of your life.

As for your nutrition…

If you’re competent with MyFitnessPal or any form of calorie controlled nutritional plan, simply start to track your food intake and get an idea of what you’ve been consuming of late.

Once you have a starting point, all you need to do is slowly adjust your intake and  start making wiser choices as to what you throw down your gullet.

Give yourself some targets to meet, whether it’s:

  • Calories;
  • Protein;
  • More servings of fruit and veg; or
  • Simply drinking more water and less vodka sunrises in the wee hours of Sunday mornings.

This will allow you to start controlling the key variables within your diet that can help manage your weight, and get things moving in the right direction.

If you’re not a calorie tracker, and it terrifies you, I’m with ya!

Just begin to be more sensible with your food choices and remember that everything, except air, contains calories, so you do need to monitor what you are eating. There is nothing magic and you know damn well that an extra serving of nonna’s home cooked oil with pasta isn’t helping your cause.,

A little more: preparing your own meals, fruits and vegetables, high quality protein sources and moderation will do the trick.

A little less: Mindless eating, snacking at work, takeaway and copious amounts of ben and jerry’s.  

This little adjustment alone will get you moving forward.

And most importantly, if your approach to your summer body this year is slightly less ‘hardcore’ you will probably enjoy the process and stick to it over the long haul!

The heat is coming and if you are reading this, then you’ve already taken the first step to improve your physique and your health, give yourself a pat on the back and don’t reward yourself with food. You’re not a dog 😉

Don’t body shame your winterself, own it and commit to improving as of today. Who cares about what you did over winter, or what you’re going to do next year. Pay attention to what youre going to do today and start doing things that summer you will be thankful for.

You bring the lotion and I’ll bring the abs…

Catch ya at the beach,




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