Meet our team of experienced in-person and online coaches.

  • Jacob Schepis

    Founder & CEO
    Jacob Schepis is the owner & director of JPS Health & Fitness…
  • Samuel Schepis

    Founder & COO
    Sam is the co-owner and Chief Operations Officer of JPS Health & …
  • Martin Refalo

    Education Manager
    Martin is a PhD student, evidence-based coach, educator and universit…
  • Mia Schepis

    Facility Manager
    When JPS began operating, I was provided the opportunity to join the …
  • Aaron Hoey

    Head Coach
    Aaron Hoey is a head physique and strength coach at JPS, competitive …
  • Luke Twyford

    Head Coach
    As a JPS coach, Luke specialises in physique development, priding him…
  • Bri Daw

    Head Coach
    Bri is currently extending her passion for health and fitness by purs…
  • Blake D’Souza

    Head Coach
    An unfortunate injury during my youth set me on an unexpected path th…
  • Kayla Georgievski

    Head Coach
    I have been active my whole life, competing in athletics, swimming an…

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