Meet our team of experienced in-person and online coaches.

  • Jacob Schepis

    Founder & CEO
    Jacob Schepis is the owner & director of JPS Health & Fitness…
  • Samuel Schepis

    Founder & COO
    I am passionate about instilling positive change in my clients, and h…
  • Lyndon Purcell

    Manager of Education Services
    Training and nutrition are my passion. Over the years, health and fit…
  • Chris Nikola

    Communications Manager
    I initially started my journey at JPS as a client pursuing interest i…
  • Martin Refalo

    Education Coordinator
    Martin is a post-graduate student, evidence-based coach, educator and…
  • Aaron Hoey

    Head Coach
    Aaron Hoey is a head physique and strength coach at JPS, competitive …
  • Karl Di Falco

    Head Coach
    Personal Training and Coaching provides me with the opportunity to in…
  • Sam McDonald

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Majoring in E…
  • Stacey Rogers

    Online Coach
    People are puzzles of needs, wants, drives and insecurities. I see my…
  • Mia Schepis

    Facility Manager
    Along with the majority of people who walk through the doors at JPS, …
  • Jason Armanous

    Head Coach
    My number one objective as a coach is client results, I have invested…
  • David Barros

    Head Coach
    From a young age I have enjoyed training and continuously improving b…
  • Luke Thornton

    Head Coach
    Qualifications: Cert 3&4 in Fitness Bachelor of Education (PE Out…
  • Kian Rashidi

    Head Coach
    It is my goal to show people that fitness in general is both enjoyabl…
  • Jackson Peos

    Online Coach
    Jackson is a PhD researcher, currently working at the University of W…

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