Alice Round

Alice Round

A note from Alice

From bodybuilding and competing heavily in the IFBB, ICN and NABBA and winning national shows to going onto powerlifting and now a mum of 2 Alice has a lot to bring to her clients and the industry! With a background in Exercise and Sport Science and Nutrition and 13+ years of industry training Alice is a coach with passion and experience under her belt!

Alice was a passionate hands on coach for 8 years and now works completely online alongside a team of coaches @team_round . Her passions now lie in being a pre and post natal coach, helping women in this space as well as gen pop transformation, contest prep and more. 

Alice is also focused on a NO BS approach to her social media and advice online, and is also an avid advocate for the realties of being a mum, running a business and going after your health and fitness goals!