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Anthea Woodruff

A note from Anthea

Anthea was involved in the gym from a young age and says that at the time she was on the weight loss & fitness bandwagon like most! Since then, Anthea has realised how imperative it is to be educated & informed about how to achieve and maintain a sustainable level of fitness.

At just 15 years old it was unknown to the less informed version of Anthea that excessive amounts of cardio and severely restricting her calories did not define being “healthy”.

Due to misleading information & unrealistic standards within the industry, Anthea felt as though it was her responsibility and mission to help empower and educate others. This led to Anthea becoming a coach! Anthea’s favourite part of being an in-person & online coach is being able to connect and teach enthusiastic and curious individuals and watching them progress.

Anthea has competed as a bikini athlete in 2017, placing 2nd in her category & 3rd in the open class. Anthea is eager to return to the stage in the future, however at the moment is prepping for her first ever Powerlifting meet!

Anthea is also keeping her self super busy currently undertaking a Bachelor Degree in Sports and Exercise Science…Welcome to our education team Anthea, where together we will strive to further the dissemination of evidence based information to coaches, athletes and the industry at large!

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