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Blake D’Souza

Blake D’Souza

A note from Blake

An unfortunate injury during my youth set me on an unexpected path that introduced me to a different aspect of physical activity and exercise. This experience sparked my curiosity, and I soon found myself participating in a variety of sports, including Tennis, Soccer, Mountain Bike riding, and the Gym.

As I embarked on my fitness journey, I took it upon myself to learn and educate, eventually earning industry qualifications. This enabled me to share my passion for fitness with the greater community, assisting others in efficiently achieving their fitness goals. My dedication to coaching unveiled not only my own potential but also my affinity for powerlifting and bodybuilding.

I believe that fitness is a privilege capable of fostering the growth and enhancement many strive to attain. I aspire to guide and educate my clients in their fitness endeavours, helping them grasp the significance of exercise and its impact on self-improvement.