Bri Daw

Bri Daw

A note from Bri

Bri is currently extending her passion for health and fitness by pursuing a double degree in a Bachelor of Exercise Sport and Nutrition Science at Deakin University. Her journey in the world of fitness began during her semi-professional dancing career, where she recognized the need to enhance her strength. Taking the leap, she joined a gym, and from that moment forward, she developed a deep affection for the rigorous training and discipline involved. This newfound love for fitness led her to compete in two natural bodybuilding competitions, where she achieved remarkable success, securing first place four times and fourth place twice.

As a coach, Bri’s dedication lies in nurturing each of her clients on an individual level and finding ways to make a positive impact on their lives. She highly values the aspects of motivation, education, and support, aiming to empower her clients to feel their best and achieve their goals. Her particular interests revolve around hypertrophy, body recomposition, nutrition, and the challenges encountered when guiding individuals through lifestyle changes. Whether it’s individuals seeking to improve their health and strength or fitness competitors striving to make a mark on the stage, Bri enjoys working with a diverse range of clients. Employing evidence-based practices, she emphasises the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle, aiming to help individuals accomplish things they never deemed possible.


  • ICN – Natural Bodybuilding 1st place X4, 4th place X 2
  • JPS Mentorship 2023
  • Bachelor of Exercise Sport & Nutrition Science (In Progress)
  • Certificates 3&4 in Fitness