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Claudia Natasha

Claudia Natasha

A note from Claudia

Meet Claudia. 

Claudia is a qualified women’s health personal trainer, powerlifting and bikini competitor and has both  psychology and counselling degrees.

As an online female transformation Coach, Claudia’s mission is simple, to teach skills for emotional and physical growth in women so they can step into the most outstanding version of themselves.  Whether that be through smashing PB’s at the gym, looking and feeling your best, or overcoming limiting beliefs that keep holding you back. 

It’s about a journey much deeper than just about body image and teaching you tools so you can make your fitness a lifestyle.   To have more confidence, more energy, better habits, physical and mental strength,  and to be better than you were yesterday so you can live a joyful and vibrant life! 

As a woman and mum of two on this journey, Claudia is acutely aware of the unique considerations for training women.  She is super passionate about helping women kick ass,  optimising their wellness through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, and watching them fall in love with their progress!