Danny Lennon

Danny Lennon

A note from Danny

Danny Lennon is the founder of Sigma Nutrition, a company that creates evidence-based, educational content about nutrition science. Danny is the host of the popular Sigma Nutrition Radio podcast, which has featured the world’s key experts in nutrition over the past 8 years.

Danny’s educational background includes a MSc. in nutritional sciences and a BSc. in biological sciences and physics. His interest and knowledge spans across a number of different areas in nutrition. Danny is also a sought after speaker on evidence-based nutrition, speaking at conferences and seminars all over the world. He has presented at events around Europe, Australia, and the United States. He has spoken at corporate organizations such as LinkedIn and Johnson & Johnson.

Danny uses his scientific background to read and interpret the latest nutrition research, before communicating the key points to his audience. In addition to his science background, Danny has also previously worked directly with athletes as a performance nutritionist for several years.