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Eirini Kritsotelis

Eirini Kritsotelis

A note from Eirini

I’ve always had a love and passion for training since a young age and from then it sparked an interest in me to pursue a career in fitness! It benefit me both physically and mentally and so I wanted to instill the same in others!

I like to have a holistic approach to my training and coaching clients and I value time and energy into helping someone become a better version of themselves!

I want to help others have the same confidence I built in the gym, I want to guide them in the right direction to achieve their goals and allow them to feel confident in performing specific movements. I want my clients to have the same drive and pleasure with their training!

I thrive the most when I motivate and push my clients and knowing my clients are having fun with the process on the quest to reach their goals!


  • Certificate lll & lV in fitness 
  • JPS Mentorship