Emma Carr

A note from Emma

Meet Em, Em is an online coach, person trainer, accredited sports nutritionist, WBFF bikini competitor and currently studying BSC Nutrition.Em found her love for training and nutrition years ago, but was lead down the path of restrictive diets, home HIIT workouts and being “skinny”After a few years, Em joined the gym and it changed her life. At first she had no idea what she was doing, and learnt the hard way but her focus and mindset completely changed to training to be strong, and eating to fuel.

Em realised how important proper nutrition and training knowledge is and started researching. She started studying personal training and nutrition while also going too seminars and learning from industry leaders. The more she learnt, the more she realised she didn’t know and this pushes her every day to continue to improve and be the best possible coach for her clients.Em runs an online coaching business for females, focusing on creating sustainable life style habits, ditching fad diets, building confidence and getting strong.

Em has a big focus on shifting women’s mindset away from training to burn cals, restrictive calories and the scales. Em wants to help as many women as possible reach their goals, but also educate them on the right ways to things while building up confidence.

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