Eric Helms

Eric Helms

A note from Eric

In addition to being a cofounder and doing limited coaching, Eric Helms PhD, CSCS is the Chief Science Officer of Team 3D Muscle Journey. 3DMJ is a collective dedicated to providing community support, high quality coaching, and evidence based information to the drug-free lifting community. He ensures 3DMJ stays up to date with best practice and acts as a science communicator, helping lifters find sustainable pathways to high performance.

Eric is a research fellow at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand at Auckland University of Technology, pursuing research in training, nutrition and psychology for strength and physique sport.

Eric has a PhD in Strength and Conditioning with a research focus on auto-regulating powerlifting, a masters with a research focus on protein and macronutrient manipulation for dieting bodybuilders, a second masters in exercise science and health promotion, and a bachelors in sports management, fitness and wellness. Also an athlete, Eric earned pro status as a natural bodybuilder with the PNBA in 2011, is a raw powerlifter in the IPF, and dabbles in weightlifting