Gemma Mullins

Gemma Mullins

A note from Gemma

Gemma is a Melbourne based coach passionate about Women’s Health & Education, and the founder of the Uplift Movement.

Her fitness journey started when she was still working a nine to five corporate job, inspired to motivate others with step challenges on lunch breaks and signing up for corporate triathlons.

‘Motivating others set me on my path of working in the fitness industry and I’ve never looked back’. 

Whilst working her corporate job, she would spend my mornings at the gym, followed by nights studying to attain her Cert 3+4. Because of her hunger to help those around her, she also completed further study to be an Accredited Sports Nutritionist (P)  as well as studied further in Biomechanics, Women’s Health, Post-natal and Behavioural change.

She is currently loving working online helping both newbies to the gym and new coaches in the industry getting started!