Helena Sly

Helena Sly

A note from Helena

Helena is a WBFF competitor, 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate and a passionate Online Coach. Helena helps her clients fall in love with the process by increasing their awareness of what really feels good, improving their relationship with food, training and their body by empowering them with education and support. 

Helena grew up as a dancer and a martial artist and has always loved learning about nutrition and thrives in an active lifestyle. At 19 years old, she underwent major corrective surgery to fuse 12 vertebra and realign her spine from severe scoliosis. It was a long recovery with a lot of uncertainty about what my future abilities would be. 

Today Helena eats and trains knowing it’s a privilege to build a strong and healthy body. The more she can educate herself, the more knowledge she can share to empower others to live a life that feels good, with great energy and a body that’s stronger than they ever knew it could be.