James Anthony

James Anthony

A note from James

Coaching for me is much more than just giving out guidance for weight loss and muscle gain/strength. It won’t take a coach starting out very long time to suspect that what gets a coach results aren’t necessarily just lifting more weights over time or eating less than they currently do…

The role of a Coach is so multidimensional that it means there’s always something new to learn and the basic knowledge required for muscle gain and weight loss is just the start.

This is why I love the coaching role and the health and fitness industry as a whole. There is so much possible growth and so much to be learnt. Not just for you as the client but also for personal growth.

I enjoy the challenge of figuring out what it will take for each individual to get results. Whether the results are a new low on the scale or the being able to squat pain-free for the first time.

What underpins all of this is my passion for helping people make sustainable changes to their lives that lead to better health outcomes through resistance training and nutrition.


  • MNU Nutrition*
  • Certificate III Fitness
  • Certificate IV Fitness
  • JPS Mentorship

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