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Jess DeBortoli

A note from Jess

Jess is primary school teacher who loves learning and teaching others! Whilst working her corporate job, she also spends her mornings at the gym at 5am, 5 days a week and then studying at night to complete her Cert 3+4 in Fitness!

Jess has always been into general health and fitness and looking after her body to feel the best she can after suffering from an auto immune disease acquired from a young age. Recently Jess became more passionate about the industry after going through her own transformation journey!

Jess would love to help others to feel their best, by teaching them how to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with the inclusion of correct diet and training methods.

Jess enjoys creating healthy recipes and cooking nutrient dense meals and is currently studying Nutrition! Jess soon hopes to become an online coach / 1 on 1 and is currently working as a group class coach (BFT). Jess’ mission is to teach and guide people to form a healthy lifestyle through flexible dieting, training, mental attitudes and a routine structure!

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