Kai Homer

Kai Homer

A note from Kai

A Master’s student at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand at Auckland University of Technology, Kai’s research focuses on peaking for physique sport. Encompassing a critical review of the literature, a survey of the current nutrition and training practices of competitors, and an experimental trial examining whether carb-loading does indeed make you (look) more jacked.

As part of both sports physiology & nutrition and strength & conditioning research groups at SPRINZ, his other areas of interest include stretch-mediated hypertrophy, body composition assessments, and how muscle architecture properties relate to performance.

Originally from Perth, Kai holds a Bachelor’s in Exercise, Sport and Rehabilitation Science and a professional Master’s in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Formally a weekend warrior involved in a variety of team sports, he has seen the light and hasn’t looked back since moving over to the lifting game, taking a keen interest in strength and physique sport.