Luke Twyford

Luke Twyford

A note from Luke

As a JPS coach, Luke specialises in physique development, priding himself on his ability to achieve results through applying theoretical knowledge to the practical environment. Luke places a large emphasis on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle that allows his clients to thrive both inside and outside of the gym.

Originating from London, England, Luke comes from a sporting background, playing soccer, tennis and cricket throughout his time at high school. Luke initially discovered resistance training as a means of supplementing his sporting endeavours, but soon realised his passion for lifting weights went beyond the field of play. Looking to optimise his training and progress his own physique, Luke was able to experience evidence-based coaching first-hand whilst working with a personal trainer. This experience planted the seed that later bloomed into starting a career in the fitness industry.

Striving to constantly improve through a combination of education and experience, Luke hopes to inspire others and lead through example, operating with the ethos that training should never be seen as a burden. Whether gaining muscle, losing fat or just being a better, happier you, Luke can guide you through your fitness journey and be the catalyst for you achieving your goals, whilst also enjoying the process.


  • IFA Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • JPS Mentorship